Wednesday , April 14 2021

Sharks, Cardinals and Eagles Win on Wednesday LVBP | In play

Photo: Reference | BDA

Photo: Reference | BDA | AVN

At a game in Estadio Universitario de Caracas Rawira's shark It led to victory on Wednesday. No. 13 Defeating the seasons 5-3 In ~ Tigres de Aragua, Due to the contribution of Dionner Navarro who sent two home runs during the game

The salty team started from the right foot at the end of the third episode. Juan Apodaca Person who arranged the meeting 1-0. Then Tigres went up at the beginning of the fourth chapter. 2-1 After a drive of two races Jose VargasBut at the end of the same entry Navarro had the first home run of the game. 2-2.

The shark scored another line at the bottom of the fifth section due to the error. Henry "Paulito" Rodriguez. The joy of the Guaireño group did not last long. Because at the beginning of the sixth, Franklin Valletto, Dispatched a homer to place a match, which matches three, by a tiger.

To complete the sixth, Navarro put a second flyaway to the relief pitch. Mark Malabe. Later, the seventh section Junior Sosa He finished 5-3 on the last minute to make it to the final.

At this meeting, Fukasuka breakfast La Guaira lost to the Bengal team Mark Malabe.

In other scenarios, Cardinal Lara In the first box of the whitening position table 6-0 a Margarita Braves Nueva Esparta with support from right at the stadium Williams PerezRemaining for five episodes, without allowing a career.

From Luis Aparicio "El Grande" in Maracaibo Julia's eagle Defeated in 9 episodes 4-1 On the team Caracas Lions.

On the other hand, Jose Bernardo Perez, Valencia, Carabobo State, Caribes de Anzoategui lost 7-1 in the fourth episode. Omar Lopez began to rain and decided to retire and decided to retire. His field players, so the state referee ordered the rules of defeat.

As a result, Rawira's shark 5th on the table, 14th on the 13th, Cardinal Lara The first place is 18-11 and the rest is Eagle They are like 14-14 records.


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