Thursday , February 2 2023

The participation of the big red and black in the Caribbean classic


The good news is that we keep coming because we ride a bicycle. As an outstanding result of the Nordic de Santander, I finished the Caribbean XXI Classic in Cartagena between Sunday and Sunday. The competition was hosted by the Cycling League in Bolivar and approved by the Colombian Cycling Federation.

In the final stages of the youth category, Norte won a victory with Andrés Saavedra in Cucuta, The second category departs from the general classification of the contest. At the final table, rojinegros also existed with Michel Martínez's second place.

In the elite branch, he won the first leg of 120 km in the Turbaco-Arjona-Turbaco section and was champion of the flight goal with the player Jossimar Jerez of the Zulia Norte Rice team, and Rosario Alcides Espinel was second.

Jerez stopped the clock in 3 hours and 13 seconds and got a package for Angel Rivas, Juan Espinel and Bolivarense Ferney Restrepo in the first phase.

Thankful heart

When Jossimar Jerez became the first leader to win the stage, Jossimar Jerez celebrated this new achievement on behalf of his region. "It was a beautiful stage with ups and the weather was fine. It was cloudy and delicious on that day."

The Motilon players thanked Arroz Zulia and Calzado Power for their dreams of attending a walled city and developing a good career.

In this way, three days of tough competition ended at the Bolivarian capital. The result of the competitor was the pride of Norde Santander.

By Rito Julio Patiño / [email protected]

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