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The Venezuelan ball returns to La Chinita.


November 18, 2018 01:50

Today is not a normal day in the state of Zulia. The area of ​​western Venezuela is decorated to celebrate one year since the appearance of Virgin of Chiquinquirá and his epicenter is the city of Maracaibo.

Thousands of parishioners visit the basilica named in their name and celebrate, honor and celebrate with the image of their "patron". Another part of the population did not witness the traditional game of "La Chinita", who attended the Luis Aparicio El Grande Stadium and became 85 years old.

Part of the Venezuelan professional baseball's Sunday session, the Arbitration Party will again be starred by the region Águilas del Zulia and will be visited by the six-time opposition Tigres de Aragua. The two novenas' records are a record of three wins and three frustrations.

The last time raptors and striped cats saw each other at a meeting of this nature was in 2016, and the air dropped from five to two. They are 6 ~ 3 and 9 slate ~ 4 in 1993 and 1971.

The aragüeños won three consecutive victories in the 1978, 1983 and 1988 editions.

That's how it started. According to Zulia's media reports, the first La Chinita Game was created in 1933 when Águilas had not yet existed in a national baseball panorama. It was the Concordia team and Pastora that clashed at Estadio del Lago as part of an interleague game between Maracaibo and Caracas circuits.

Later, six editions of the calendar (1939), the second editions proceeded with the pastor and one of the participants again, this time with Gavilanes, a former member of both the famous Western League and the extinct Western League Measure, first time.

The duel will be repeated in 1953, and Don Louise Parisi Chio gave a special incentive to hand the baton to future future star Luis Aparicio Montiel. Luis Aparicio Montiel is two of the famous sons of Zulia in sports.

But it was the first time that an eagle started flying until 1969 and became the most special game for a currency with a record of 24 hours to date.

To remember. One of his most memorable episodes is exactly when Venezuela's only member in the Hall of Fame debuted as an expert at the age of 19. He did it in the BBC Hawks uniform and before his first turn, he received a bat from his father Luis Aparicio Ortega. And as soon as he started guarding the shortstop, he handed him his gloves for free, just as he had forged a legacy in Julian's ball for years.

Another remaining chapter for players and fans to attend the stadium of Chinita Game in 1982 was the light of a late former player Baudilio Díaz connecting the home run and driving four victorious races. Caracas Lions are in front of the host from 7am to 4pm. Diaz was one of the championship champions after finishing the most prolific season in the major leagues after recording 18 homers and 81 RBIs. He left an average of .288 in the first season. The uniform of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Celebrating and dedicating La Chiquinquirá during the 1988-1989 harvest was a unique and well-known fact. Three brothers, including Roberto, Eduardo and Jose Luis Zambrano, appeared for the first time in the same lineup of the same team, and they wore orange uniforms that featured Guadalupe Julia.

The next contest was Osvaldo Olivares, gardener of Navegantes del Magallanes. El Gago, who moved to Pablo Pittsburg after eight seasons with Tigres de Aragua, hit a batter in eight innings and hit a triple barrebase of three RBIs helping Magellan Hit. You must be with a blocked row from 4:00 to 0:00.

You can see what Gerardo Parra is doing in 2012 and Alex Cabrera's performance in 2013 in the history of recent confrontations.

Having played in the last match against Maravina, Para had a two-run homer in the ninth inning before being traded to the rivals, giving the Águilas a chance to win against Tiburones de La Guaira 9-7

St. Petersburg will retaliate for next season thanks to Cabrera's outstanding performance. Cabrera has scored four goals, punishing pitchers with three home runners who became the most valuable players on the date. After finishing with a triple crown and porting a new home run record, he usually goes to the tournament.

In 2017, the rain was the protagonist. There was an intense downpour in the western territory and the playball's voice was delayed for more than six hours, causing a dispute over the game under artificial lighting and the nightly game had to be resumed. Created

There will be no prize.

Jesús Aguilar and Ronald Acuña's Luis Aparicio Award ancestors, who have been selected as the best players in this year's MLB, can not be customarily guided in the pre-La Chinita action. Luis Aparicio The organizer decided to postpone the event to be held in Caracas, because both himself and the two winners do not go to Maravigno for various reasons.

Historical data

Pitcher Bart Johnson completes the game without a 1×0 victory over Caracas.

Mike Scott won his first game of La Chinita for three consecutive years.

1977. Caracas Lions scored 19 points, 21 points, 19-2 victories

Zulia won 9×1 in the Los Tiburones de La Guaira and lost five straight victories on La Chinita. Christopher Columbus pushed five of the nine oil lines.

Cristobal Colon succeeded in a two-point three-pointers, and Emisson Soto took second place in the home run with Magallanes 6 x 2 Raguelas victory. Géremi González is a member of La Chinita

Géremi González won the second game of La Chinita.

2013: Alex Cabrera scored four runs and scored six or three sharks with three home runs. The official attendance was 15,979.

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