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They detect cancer-inhibiting components of broccoli.


May 16, 2019 – 4:17 pm


Compounds present in broccoli prevent the inhibition of tumor suppressor genes, but this does not mean that ingesting vegetable foods can cure cancer.

In 2015, Chinese chemistry Tu Youyou was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for medicine, and about half a century ago, she came to treat malaria. To get to him, he thoroughly read many ancient writings of ancient Chinese medicine. He found artemisinin, a naturally occurring substance in Adenthene, and killed the parasite that caused the disease. Until we discovered a compound that could cause a response to malaria, we had to investigate it using the Old Testament, an ideal extraction characteristic.

Like her, many other researchers today are analyzing the properties of a number of plants to maintain a single compound as a drug substance. A recent example is an international team of scientists who discover molecules present in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables and turn antineoplastic responses to specific genes. Does eating broccoli mean that cancer is cured? Not surprisingly, however, it provides useful information on certain compounds that could be very useful in combating this terrible disease.

A series of events

PTEN is one of the most frequently silenced or mutated, modulated or eliminated tumor suppressor genes in human cancer. This often means that the function is blocked to promote the proliferation of tumor cells. In fact, some genetic mutations in this gene are known and are helpful for people who are more susceptible to cancer.

Compounds present in broccoli prevent specific enzymes from inhibiting the function of tumor suppressor genes

The low levels of PTEN in tumor cells allowed scientists to investigate whether finding a tool to enhance function could provide an effective treatment for cancer.

To answer this question, the authors of the study, led by Pier Paolo Pandolfi, director of the Cancer Institute at the Beth Medical Center of Israel, identified molecules and compounds involved in gene regulation. So they found WWP1, a gene that is associated with tumorigenesis and that encodes an enzyme that can inhibit PTEN. This means that when WWP1 is activated, PTEN stops the proliferation of the gene and promotes development. I had to stop WWP1, but what happened?

This is in the exact location where the broccoli works. This is because these molecules inactivate molecules called indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which enhance the inhibitory role of PTEN.

Broccoli is very healthy but does not cure cancer.

Tu Youyou did not give the patients the absinthe, but extracted the positive principle that they wanted to treat the patient. In this case, do not give the same precautions to throw the wrong idea about the cross.

To have the minimum effect, you should eat about 3kg of Brussels bean sprouts daily.

Pandolfi himself warns him in the press release that he will need to take nearly three kilograms of brussels sprouts a day. Also, since this study was performed in mice, there is no evidence that similar results could be obtained from humans.

Maintaining proper diet is very important. Whatever a physician scientist can say, eating certain foods will not stop the onset of the tumor.

However, these cruciferous vegetables are rich in vitamin C and A, as well as other substances such as magnesium, iron and phosphorus. Undoubtedly its consumption is very positive to maintain health. The rest will find interesting substances that can sustain science and generate interest.

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