Wednesday , September 28 2022

They show the first video on the operation of xCloud running on a PC.


xCloud is the name given to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service for the Xbox ecosystem. Currently, the way to enjoy this service is for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to play Xbox Game Pass Android games. The point is that Microsoft has confirmed its arrival on the PC amid the urge to offer this service. Now we First video of xCloud running on PC, Expect a relatively impending arrival.

The medium that publishes this video is Windows Central, where you can access the application during the testing phase provided by Microsoft. To test the service on a PC On Windows 10.

As reported xCloud already works on the PC through the application. Dedicated to its effect. In some ways, it is very reminiscent of the application released on Android during the beta period before being incorporated into the Xbox Game Pass application. In this way we can also use the two basic functions presented: use Cloud Gaming or use the console directly as a game server.

From the center, it is very similar to an Android application, indicating that you can also see touch controls. This may seem impractical, but it is ideal for those who want it. Enjoy xCloud on Surface There is no Xbox controller. The application is in the testing phase and is actually an application designed for internal testing. It can be run as a window and can be easily resized for easy viewing.

As of now, you can expect more than you would expect from this app. xCloud was introduced in Windows 10. As it was confirmed some time ago, the platform’s greatest virtue was to cover mobile devices, so it seemed to be putting aside. But thanks to xCloud in Windows 10, you can use any computer to play all Xbox games or Xbox Game Pass catalog, At maximum capacity regardless of system specifications. Many users who do not have the option to renew their PC can make the task much easier.

xCloud is not available on the App Store.

You have to wait if Microsoft has plans to sell xCloud as another PC service. If you are currently interested, you can access xCloud on your Android phone through the Xbox Game Pass Android Games Catalog for €12.99.

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