Friday , December 4 2020

This Saturday, the first day of immunization in Bogota and the Atlantic

That Ministry of Health and Welfare Invite citizens of Bogota to keep the first day of immunization against measles, chickenpox or rubella. Programs that allow you to fight at 245 points in the city.

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This day is for children under the age of six who have not yet completed the regular health plan vaccine and allows parents to get free services Vaccine against polio, yellow fever, hepatitis, chicken pox, pneumonia, rotavirus, measles, rubella and mumps.

Attendees may be vaccinated without being linked to Social Security.

The public's interest is Race 95 Luis Carlos Gallant Park # 90-01 in Engativá; Another spot will be in it. Build a foundation at # 81 on Route 70 south. And; In Santa Fe is in Las Cruces Park on 7th Avenue 2..

That Southern Subnet Display ~. The "vaccination route"With a house tour Priority areas of Usme, Ciudad Bolívar and Tunjuelito. Young people between the ages of 9 and 18 Human papilloma (HPV) Adults over 60 years old for pneumococci.

On the other hand, in the municipalities of the Atlantic Department, "Immunization Promotion" And "I smile more generations", Atlantic Ocean This Saturday will be the first vaccination day. 1,653 persons under 1 year, 1,699 persons in 1 year, and 1,752 persons in 5 years are planning vaccination..

Secretary Department Health, Armando de la Hozvevero, The report "Since January 2, we are in a violent period of the day, which will be the central rally on January 31 and 26. To this end, we provide the necessary support to our hospital network so that first-class hospitals and public health centers will provide vaccines, "We did not leave any unvaccinated children with all the necessary supplies.".

De la Hoz is the purpose of today Expand the range of people involved in educational measures to reduce vaccine-preventable vulnerable populations in the Atlantic Department and perform oral care practices such as fluoride application and other specific protective interventions.

"This will be another way to provide services to those who will be immunized in other components of public health today" Management said.

The current beneficiary population is the population aged between 10 and 49, the population between 1 and 59 years of age, the municipal inhabitant with fever risk, In the field, boys and girls from 2 to 10 years old (Measles, rubella and mumps), but it will vary depending on the age and population aged between 1 and 49 who may have measles.

Immunizations are free, and you can be vaccinated every year from Monday to Saturday at hospitals and public health centers in your municipality.

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