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We can already see trailers of godless existence.


A disgraceful trailer shows how the game has evolved in about two years since the launch of Kickstarter.

Did Magi, Santa Claus, Ratoncito Pérez have something in common or the future of Metroidvania came from Konami? Well, none of them exist. No information on the latest edits or new titles for Castlevania. Fortunately, independent studios continue to offer works such as Hollow Knight and the latest Dark Devotion. If that's not enough, Tragedy of disbelief, Future index of genre.

This title is being developed by Sevillian studio The Game Kitchen in Spain. Maybe you sound like the architect of The Last Door. For their new work, they changed the third and brought us a 2D platform with a non-linear path in the Symphony of the Night style.

In the title we control the repentant, the only survivor of the brotherly slaughter of Silent Sorrow. We are trapped in a loop of perpetual death and resurrection due to a curse known as a miracle that fell on the ground of Cvstodia. So we will have to explore this terrifying world ruled by a distorted religion.

You can improve and customize your hero during the trip. You can discover the heart of relics, rosary, prayer or sword for new skills and improvements. The main weapon we will carry is a sword called Mea Culpa. With it we can carry out many combo and even executions. With all of these things, we will meet a huge final enemy, of course, with the other beasts on their way.

The blasphemy has no date yet, but it's on Steam in 2019. Also scheduled to be released later, the title will also be announced on the console.


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