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What happens to your body when you peel off the beach?

When planning vacation The first thing to remember on the beach is the perfect tan this year. However, spending a lot of time under sunlight can cause serious skin problems. burn In the more serious case leaving the aspect of "shrimp skin" ampere It is infected.

After exposure skin Long term UV-rays You can even burn and calm down through some therapy. pain Irritating you sunbath. With our defense line, our skin cells will try to heal the damage caused by solar radiation. epidermis (The most superficial layer of skin). In general, the epidermis should be applied once every 4 to 6 weeks,peeling"

When daylight burns, we suffer. Burning, pain, flushing, In some cases, when the inflammation occurs, the skin begins to separate and "Excite skin"The temptation to tear it up can be enormous, but it's because your body's cells are regenerating your dermis, no matter what the" unsightly "looks like it seems to have gotten itself out of it. It is a big mistake.

Do not soot your skin instead of soothing itch. enthusiasm And it would be hard to hide the scratches that you might leave. To do this, wrap your ice and apply it with a small hand on the area that causes itching. It will prevent the itching from getting worse.

On the other hand, for some reason Dead skin He hung from his body without falling completely. Carefully cut the area with a little scissors and apply a small aloe vera to the area.

It is important to protect your skin with some type of sunscreen. SPF 50 It does not surprise your self as a funny day turns into a nightmare. As soon as we enter the pool or the ocean, remember that we must cover our skin with sunscreen on our ears and neck because we are part of a body that is often forgotten to protect against ultraviolet rays.

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