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A third suspected police officer was arrested.

The person caught is Giang's junior "36". It plays an active role when the Gypsy group is surrounded and poked by Dong Nai police tires.

On June 18, police in Bien Hoa City (Dong Nai) arrested Nguyen Van Can (22) in action. Public order disorder. The police prosecuted the case and investigated it.

Thanh Hoa countryside is a trustworthy junior from Ngo Van Giang (Giang "36", Thanh Hoa countryside) specializing in conservation and debt collection activities at Bien Hoa Industrial Park. Previously, Giang and his junior Nguyen Duy Ky (Tuan himself "Nhóc") were arrested.

Tuấn Nhóc, one of the three suspects, was arrested on June 12th in a vehicle carrying a Dong Nai police officer. Photo: Police provided.

Tuan "Nhóc", one of the three suspects was arrested and pointed to people in the vehicle carrying the Dong Nai police on June 12th. Picture : Police provide.

According to an early investigation, on June 12, a collision occurred with a group of friends at the Lam Vien restaurant (Bien Hoa) and Nguyen Tan Luong (36, owner of the construction company). Pham Van Hien (age 34, owner of the transit facility) makes Luong lose his head.

Seeing Hien's group goes to the car to leave the restaurant, including the Colonel of the Middle East and the retired Colonel. Luong calls Jiang "36" to be helpful.

Dai ca Gypsy mobilized dozens of young people to stop cars carrying police at Dang Van Tron street, 200 meters from the restaurant. It is impossible for four people in the car to ask you to "talk" out. Giang instructs him and Ky to use his weapon to constantly threaten to penetrate the wheel.

Several dozen policemen have reportedly disbanded police groups. When it took more than two hours to interfere with the enforcement route, the Gypsy group withdrew from the scene.

The Ministry of Public Security ordered Dong Nai police to investigate and strictly deal with people involved in the case, especially the Gypsy group in the area.


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