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Clip toggler with MEL LINH SERIES

As reported by ANTĐ, on May 17, 2016, the Scout of the Crime Team and Special Crime Police Team (Crime Police Department, CATP Hanoi) arrested Do Van Binh (SN 1981). Van Phuc village, Van Yen commune, Me Linh district, Hanoi).

Binh was so weak and unpredictable that on May 15th and 16th the body was eventually killed in a cold, unbelievable way and four seriously wounded. Binh was raising his intention to "treat" him in the Pho Yen District (Thai Nguyen) for eight years before his arrest by Hanoi CATP.

At the police station, Do Van Binh acknowledged the reason for the loss of humanity and in all cases suffered very little conflict.

Picture 1

Do Van Binh's stuff. Photo: Trung Hieu

Do Van Binh was impressed by the unbelievable flowering customs because criminal records and pork business never became criminals everyday.

In this region, Banvin is a wealthy economy that owns two cars (one truck, one Fortuner). Every day Binh drives trucks to buy pigs in the area. So often I cut sharp knives in my car.

Traffic collided with H (SN 1985) and T (SN 1996) in Vinh Phuc province on the afternoon of May 15 when Binh drove Fortuner from the Van Yen commune road.

H and T men go on a scooter. Immediately after the collision, the H and T brothers jumped and attacked the bin using pepper spray and a baseball bat, and this subject had to apologize.

When he returned home, Binh was very warm because he had pain in his eyes and neck and had intent to revenge. He knew Mr. T was in the same village because he did not know H, and Binh asked for beer and songs on the evening of May 15, but he turned him down when he appointed two people to the karaoke actually found. Opportunity to revenge.

After singing, H gave Binh 10 million VND to take care of his work and Binh asked him to drive home to get paid to meet. He took the money, but Binh resented the "accidental" accident. Therefore, in a place where Mr. H promised to give Binh money, Binh collided with Mr. H's abdomen and withdrew the gourd from the dead truck (Thach Da and Me Linh communes).

Picture 2

At the police station Binh proved to be very calm and clearly declared every detail of the matter. Photo: Trung Hieu

After finishing his hand, Binh took the car as promised. According to the testimony of the murderer, Mr. T "felt better" Mr. H made Binh very angry. So when he came to the territory of the Bac Binh commune (Lap Thach district, Vinh Phuc), Binh took his sword and stabbed him to death on the spot.

After killing two people, Van Bean revealed himself as a way out. As a result, Binh "listened" to people he did not fit and found a place to "solve".

The two are Th Th (SN 1983, Bac Binh community, residing in the Lap Thach area) and Ts. (Located in Yen Phong commune, Yen Lac district in 1989). Because both women had had a blank and had sunstroke and broke up about a month earlier, Vin thought he was "involved".

When he met Thin, Binh rushed twice to strike his head and people to bring up the victim. charitable

After that, Binh threw a car in the middle of the road and chased people as they ran a taxi. To avoid follow-up, Binh "lends" a taxi to a restaurant in the Me Linh area and borrows a motorcycle to find Mr. T.

Van Bubin met the above woman in the Yen Lac district, Vinh Phuc, around 13:30 on May 17, and stabbed the victim of death.

After a few hours, Binh Thai Nguyen, who is looking for a way to visit the friendship of the Pho Yen area because he won Binh here, was arrested by a special working group of CATP Hanoi while looking for a way to retaliate. 8 years.

Below is a video clip of some of the topic announcements. Do Van Binh:

On May 17, General Doan Duy Khuong praised the investigation and investigation of the Police Department of the City Police Bureau and the City Police Department of the Hanoi National Police Agency. I arrest Do Van Binh quickly and promptly to prevent this item from sending the next sentence.

ANTĐ Bao will continue to communicate to the readers the details of the special cases mentioned above in the following paragraphs.

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