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Despite "stoning" at home, Ngan Anh still won the intercontinental runner fashion.

Sunday, January 27, 2019 00:18 (GMT + 7)

After winning Miss People Choice, Le Au Ngan Anh suddenly took second place in the top six.

& # 34; Stone & # 34; At home Ngan Anh was still 2nd in the Intercontinental.

Runner-up 4 HH Intercontinental Le Nantan

Although the organizer may be able to "die on stage" for almost half an hour as the program runs, it is not as expected. 26.1 Exactly 20 hours and 30 minutes on the finale Miss Intercontinental 2018 (Miss Intercontinental) is ranked 47th in the Philippines and has more than 80 competitors.

After almost a month of competition, Le Au Ngan Anh had to go through a number of "storms" like when he did not get his license, and the costume or performance events were not convinced in the national costume competition. In the end, People People Choice won the top 6 entries for beauty and won the most votes. The beautiful people came on stage with the top 20 players to prepare for the next competition. Her opponent is strong including beautiful people from beautiful countries like Thailand, Ecuador, Philippines …

& # 34; Stone & # 34; At home Ngan Anh still won Intercontinental 2.

Top 6 Miss Intercontinental responded to the trial section.

& # 34; Stone & # 34; At home, Ngan Anh was still third in the Intercontinental.

Lê Âu Ngân Anh with the inside description in the contest with party dress. Netizens claim Ngan Anh cloned Miss Universe Catriona Gray skirts.

Le Au Ngan Anh was confident in the test section and was supported by many fans. She answered the fluent victim 's question about social media. Ngan Anh revealed himself as a victim, "Today I respect the power of beauty and I am leading the way to a better place in the world, and I think this is the best achievement I have achieved so far.

Ngan Anh's fluent response has been praised by international fans, even if she believes she has responded as intelligently as she memorized. And after a lot of hard work and effort, Le Au Ngan Anh was named to the runner-up Miss Intercontinental 2018. The Philippines representative was selected for the Intercontinental 2018 Miss Competition.

& # 34; Stone & # 34; At home, Ngan Anh was still fourth in the Intercontinental.

Ngan Anh shows off her beauty in the swimsuit section.

& # 34; Stone & # 34; At home, Ngan Anh was still fifth in the Intercontinental.

Miss Intercontinental maintains the same format as last year's test and does not expect Ngan Anh to win the final two.

& # 34; Stone & # 34; In his hometown, Ngan Anh still won the Intercontinental Runner - 6

The Philippines representative was dismissed at Miss Intercontinental 2018.

Le Au Ngan Anh was a swimmer wearing a lingerie among the participants

The face of Miss Intercontinental participants not only made them disappointed but also shook the audience …

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