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Hanoi Real Estate in Ky Hoi period

Experts say mid-2019 and flat panel will lead the market.

And share VnExpress In the real estate market in Kaifeng, experts predict that the supply of new apartment projects in 2019 will drop sharply from 2018. Last year, Mau Tuat Northern Greenland services, real estate and apartment products began on a very large scale with numerous projects with tens of thousands of apartments.

"But in Ky Hoi, the number of new projects based on our calculations is counted as the fingertip. The supply of new apartments for all apartments and products is expected to be lower than in 2018. Therefore, We will mainly consume inventories of the introduced projects, "Quyet said.

The multi-year projection project in Hanoi is expected to be reopened in Kaihui. Photo: Vardoo

The multi-year project in Hanoi is expected to be traded again in the year of Ky Hoi. Picture : Vardu

The CBRE research division also stated that the supply to the Kaihui year began mainly with some projects in Gia Lam, Dai Mo, Tay Mo, Ha Dong and Dong Anh. On the location side, 50% of the new supply is still in the west. Meanwhile, about 30% of the goods on the east side of the capital will be sold.

The recent development of the Hanoi Golden Zone in the high-end sector shows signs of profitability in the luxury segment after two years without new supply, the research department said.

Regarding the liquidity ratio in the apartment sector, experts believe that products below 25 million VND per square meter will still lead the market. According to Vu Cuong Quyet, President of Northern Green Land Service and Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Ky Hoi's market liquidity will remain stable, although it has not exploded or highlighted in the apartment sector.

He said the highest housing demand would be the low-cost housing sector. However, projects at this price range are too far away to attract buyers. Intermediate products priced at $ 16 million to $ 25 million will remain at the buyer's premises, promising the best possible liquidity, and prices will fluctuate by 3-5%.

"This year 's liquidity leader will be a medium – sized apartment, but high – end projects in the city are still doing well because of scarce supplies," said Nguyen Van Dinh – Brokerage Association Executive Director. Identified properties.

The expert also expects prices for medium and low-priced apartments to increase by 3-5%, while luxury apartments are expected to increase by over 5% due to scarce supplies.

Other sectors continue to be positive. Given the optimistic appraisal of the economic growth of capital, the expert group of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokerage Association is still in high demand for real estate investment and this customer group always preferred the channel for land products.

According to Pham Duc Toan – General Director of the EZ Vietnam Real Estate Investment and Development joint venture, projects launched in 2018 all created good liquidity and the products introduced were sold out. When trading in the form of capital contribution contracts.

According to Mr. Toan, however, the size of a cottage adjacent to a separate land in next year and next year is not large. There are dozens of lots in the suburbs and districts, which are mainly midsize projects. He added that not only will new projects emerge, but also that some delayed areas in the region will be able to reactivate and increase supplies to the market.

"In the context of this year, some investment products, such as resort real estate, are stabilizing and local land is still unclear, and then land and land to land on local projects, even if the project is not for sale. The tourist channel on the edge is still a tourist attraction, "Toan said. Investors should, however, be legally alert to avoid risk.

Quyet also said land and housing projects landing in Hanoi at dawn in the new year are still a fascinating attraction because of limited supplies. This comes from the customer's hearing and Northern investors prefer real estate. In addition, these products are mostly outside the belt zone 3 in the suburbs and districts, so the price is suitable for investment.

"This year, we will be able to supply new products at lower prices through the projects of Dong Anh and Thanh Tri as well as Hantong, NanTu Liem and Hoi Duc area, and various products will be introduced to the market."

"The price of land will explode more strongly than in 2018 through coastal projects such as Ha Dong, Gia Lam and Dong Anh," said an official of the Realtors Brokerage Association. It will increase by more than 10% from 2018.


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