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I can replace the word "no" with "no" in the title, but it will lower the value of the song.

"What more do you need than you?" The latest music products show the collaboration of rappers Den Van, Vu and Thanh Dong. Immediately after his debut, MV became popular with MXH as a popular melody. Mainly the sound of the rustic guitar, The lyrics of song and rap lyrics are close to the words of young people. Also, Also the chorus's main song using slang is a strong sense, touching the audience. The use of this verse expresses the son's unwilling attitude to everything in life other than what he loves.

After the release, Black Rapper spent some time sharing more about the titles and personal views of new music, especially music compositions.

MV "I Need You" – Black Feet. Departure

Why is Black's new music so named because it's easy to understand?

The name of the song is mine, not a friend. Da Lat's first song, "What more do you need than yourself?" Was created by a friend-owner of a cafe with the soul of the artist singing. I heard it by chance and went back to the clip with him. These short clips were shared on the Youtube channel, as we all know.

After completing the melody and making a song together, I complete the request of the author "What more do I need than me?" And request a change in the name of the debut song. audience.

This is an official, widely released song. Do you think you should change the subject more appropriately?

How does it fit? Right? I think the name of the song should match the melody and the message you want to convey if the story is right.

In fact, I have also considered using a little light word in the name of the song, but it was not appropriate. If you listen to a song that people can understand, you can completely replace the word "no" with "no" or "no," but if you change it to include the meaning and context of the whole song, the price will be lower. Its worth.

Rapper Black: The title can change from 0 to 0, but the value of the song is reduced. Figure 2.

In the latest MV, Vu and Thanh Dong's Black Dance titled "I Only Need You".

Do not you worry that the MV will react negatively to the crowd because the market has recently emerged as a controversial song?

I think there is no controversy about my song. As I said, if you listen to the whole song and understand the message, you will find that getting the name is the perfect choice for the emotions it brings.

I thought if I wanted to be interested in my product, I could use more words and shock. But like many other artists, I want a perfect representation of my work. So I do not change. And those who listen to Black's music, especially in that way, will find that I will not seek that opinion.

I know people who argue about the name of the song, but I do not think it is a bad word. It is a little, normal, and not uncommon. There is a word that is much stronger than it appears in art. The key is how you use it to express your work. If your work is good enough to enjoy the atmosphere of the listener, I will only think of someone who likes to judge the song in the name of the judge.

Are you active in 2018, and at what point do you want to check out his name in the music industry instead of playing before?

I did not think I needed to insist on myself, nor did I know what to do. I also do not want to give any name of wrapper number 1, 2 or 3. I always try to make music that makes me feel better, and other rappers do well in their school. Rap Việt Makes pictures of rich colors.

When I inspired me, I wrote, recorded and introduced to everyone from the very beginning of my music composition. I listen to music honestly, honestly, and honestly.

Now somebody asks me. How many songs will I have next year? My writing, singing, and musical perfection are completely inspired. Maybe there are some songs this year, but not necessarily next year. Not all of them are specific plans or detailed calculations, but rather simple emotions, that is, emotions expressed in music.

Three years after its release, "Take Me Away" is still Black's most famous hit. Are you afraid that the following songs can not overcome success?

Yes, but fear has already appeared to you. At that time I was struggling to find a way to go in a certain direction, but now I know what I will bring to my audience. What we have to do now is to be honest with those feelings in music.

The success of "Take Me Away" has brought me a lot of things, and most of them were probably happy to love people. "Take me" makes me feel lucky without feeling pressure.

"Take Me Away" – Black ft. godfather

Does Black have plans to develop Korea to build more careers in Korea in the future?

I am satisfied with my life and I have no intention of changing. Also, I think that the present "south" is only a concept. Now, as society develops, geographical distance is no longer a barrier. It does not matter whether the south moves, so you can go anywhere and career development is the same.

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