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It is not time to panic.


No one feels shame. Jurgen Klopp fell into a difficult situation with a stunning defeat in front of the Red Star but that did not mean he lost his right to die in the league with Paris Saint-Germain and Napoli.

An unforgettable match of Kop and the season

Asked why Belgrade failed, Jurgen Klopp said, "I have only 10 fingers," he said with both hands. Liverpool's poor performance seems credible.

Lesbian 2-0 Liverpool is not the time to panic.
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

Needless to say, the obvious side of the scoring was that the 0-2 defeat at Sao do was worse than the loss to Chelsea in the September English League Cup. Being excluded from big teams and tournaments is not important or a top priority.

It was worse than last month's defeat of Napoli in the Champions League. Klopp was severely punished for his injuries and lost very important value in the present situation.

The Marakana show in Serbia has seen the shy and insensitive performance of Liverpool since the season began. Of course, the Merseyside giant is worth a little extra loss and a little loss.

Liverpool, Belgrade lose the shock. It is not time to panic image 2.
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool


Milan Pabkov's goal quickly drowned and ended the fate of the guest for a half-hour special disaster, exactly one and a half hours in the first game. A 300,000-pound striker overcame the world's most expensive goalkeeper to beat the world's most expensive goalkeeper with a corner kick. 30m.

Virgil Van Dijk, Adam Lalanna and Daniel Sturridge have three black spots to represent Liverpool's forgotten nightmare. This also fails to decorate the depths of the nine games. The number of times Kop and shirt were equal. in Liverpool, Belgrade: Blame yourself!
Liverpool are too cruel to Juergen Klop, a 2-0 red card teacher. The Red Brigade must blame yourself for being so much less practical with your very excited enemies.

Modern horror is not necessary.

But should Liverpool be nervous now? Short answer, no. Of course, he can be fully sympathetic if he has an overreaction to Kop's current style, but the problem must be in the right situation.

As soon as the result of the draw for the Champions League draw was decided, they soon learned of Liverpool's lesser known artifacts, and the special challenge phase of death came around late September. A dense combat schedule in mid-October.

Liverpool, Belgrade lose the shock. It's not the time to panic. 3
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

They have won nine of their last three games but were not worse than when defeating Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and defeating Tottenham, Manchester City, Arsenal and Arsenal respectively. We maintain unbeaten records in the Premier League.

Of course, the defeat of Napoli and Red Star is unacceptable. However, Liverpool lost against Premier League, City and Tottenham rivals and Newcastle, Watford and Spartak Moskva compared to the same period last year.

Now the weak lottery is an ugly but extremely necessary victory for Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Huddersfield Town. At the same time, quality and defense levels are minimized.

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Red Sox 2-0 Liverpool

The most optimistic aspect here is that the failure of the Belgrade shock does not seem to have a significant impact on the open doorway or Liverpool knockout knockout stage. Of course, if they do not want to be in real danger, they need a brighter, more convincing performance in Prince Park three weeks later.

Nonetheless, disaster anxiety is unnecessary, or at least not. Red Belgrade teaches Liverpool the right lesson, but keeps calm, Klopp, he can count all the days of forgetfulness on his palms.

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