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Italy vs Netherlands: Valuable victory

Both Italy and the Netherlands have entered the road of attack. Italy has an opportunity to eat first, but Dutch girls do not easily bother.

In the second half of the first half, the Netherlands regained the game and even scored almost without a crossbar.

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In the second half, the Netherlands continued to dominate the game and had a good chance to eat more with the Orange team. Then, what is needed in 70 minutes. Vivianne Miedema is the founder of the deadlock.

During the rest of the year, Italy was unable to achieve its second goal. Stephanie Van der Gragt finished the Italian team in the 80th minute and won the Dutch 2-0 victory.

As a result, the Dutch women won the semi-final to win Germany and Sweden.

Final: Italy 0-2 Netherlands


Italy : Laura Giuliani, Elena Linari, Sarah Gama, Elisha Bartoli, Alia Guagni, Manuela Giugliano, Aurora Galli, Valentina Cernoia, Valetina Bergamaschi, Barbara Bonansea, Valentina Giacinti.

Netherlands : There are Stephanie van der Graat, Melle van Dongen, Derrie vantrenton, Sheridas Spitz, Daniel Van Deck, Jackie Grennen, Vivian MiTheme, Lake Martins and Shannick van de Sanden.

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