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Luu Hao Dong marvelously joined the gentleman perfectly.

"Perfect gentleman" To find his wife, a good-looking doctor Hao Dong received a lot of attention.

In 2017, Si Thanh announced that he had officially entered into a long-term relationship with a good-looking doctor, Luu Hao Dong. After the promotion of the relationship, the two people continue to burn the eyes of the fans together with a very hot moment. At the end of 12/2018, the couple announced the "Everyone's Path" because of the disagreement over the frightened fans' lives.

Saying goodbye to Si Thanh, the best-looking Vietnamese doctor who did a girlfriend's search on an unexpectedly shocking dating show - 1
Portrait of handsome doctor in Hao Hao.

Saying goodbye to Si Thanh, the most handsome Vietnamese doctor who unexpectedly joined the date show surprisingly found two girlfriends.
A pair of times is still salty.

Say goodbye Singer girlfriend is not long, Hao Perfect gentleman To find my wife. He is well known in social networks, nicknamed "the best doctor in Vietnam" or "clone of clones". Hao Dong owns a six-pack body and an elegant dress style of 1.84m high, and many singers have been invited to play music videos.

For a long time, he had many opinions as he participated. Who is that person?

Say goodbye to the best-looking Vietnamese doctor who unexpectedly joined the dating show on Si Thanh.
Yes, Gubin.

This time, there is a man named Ngu Binh who competed with Hao Dong. He owns a height of 1m82 and he is a bright model of fashion shows and big competitions. Fashion lifestyle, lifestyle … Especially in 2018 he was in the top nine. Movie face. In addition to being a model, Ngu Bhh also pursues professional acting paths.

Best handsome Vietnamese doctor 4 to say goodbye to Si Thanh, to join his girlfriend on an unexpectedly shocking dating show
Bean pat.

The following is a boy named Cong Phat. Conm Phat boasts an impressive height of 1m86 and has recently been in the top three in bodybuilding competition.

The rest of Minh Triet and Lam Nguyen. They do not run the arts, but they see clarity and courage in their business. Previously, Lam Nguyen worked on a well-known Vietnamese airline and was very popular on social networks.

Farewell to Si Thanh, the handsome Vietnamese doctor who joined the shocking dating show to unexpectedly find his girlfriend - 5

Best handsome Vietnamese doctor to join Si Thanh to find his girlfriend on a goodbye, unexpectedly shocking dating show - 6

Perfect gentleman It is one of the TV programs that caused the storm in 2018. Game shows often provide a situation for cohabitation, midnight love, allowing viewers to argue with much controversy.

The final night of the contest was held on the evening of April 20th with the "intellectual" and "masculine" challenges, and the "normal challenge" participants are in a harsh virtual situation. A pedophile is heating up public opinion recently.

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