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Nha Phuoc pregnancy test confirmed by a friend.


After marriage, the question Nha Phuong pregnancy is repeatedly the second extraordinary large but Truong Giang also argue or reject this question, her husband can also receive public interest in public interest.

Although Nha Phuoc did not admit to being pregnant, the line that Truong Giang previously shared on her personal page also made many people feel that this comedian was preparing to become a father implicitly sooner or later. .

In the second round of Nha Phuong, she said she was pregnant with the couple 's first baby.

In particular, Changjiang wrote:After his wife's wedding anniversary, his friends died in fear. "If you are still zui (happy) and your wife gives birth, you will see the scene !!!"

I just want my life not to go to the end like other milk: – Early morning wife told milk tea. I was angry not to go up to buy my wife – I went to work, the phone was cut off, and my wife did not get angry. – Post a general picture that the husband is brighter than his wife. And there are hundreds of thousands of stories of life. The husband I heard.

7 hours, meal time 1 hour, computer listening method 8 hours. Early in the morning at 12 o'clock, a new baby wakes up and wants to buy a new car. Then quietly buy 2 cups of milk tea. Then he said, "I'm done."

Comedian Truong Giang's attention line Nha Phuong pregnancy has been confirmed indirectly.

Because the pain to her husband is not smart, she does not know how to show love with his wife and is not willful all day because she has to take care of quietly. Someone who has experience of taking me without fear.

But in a recent press release, Nha Phuong's close friend Nguyen Tran Trung Quan explained why Nha Phuong is not on his new product. "This time Nha Phuong is carrying it, I regret that the fugon can not come here today." Tran Trung Quan was released.

Nha Phuong – Chinese Army

This sharing of the Chinese army has become a public concern. Previously known, Nha Phuong has appeared in the music video "In his memory", which has long been a male singer.

Neither Trung Quan, Nha Phuong nor Truong Giang have received any feedback on this matter.

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