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Phuong Khanh has a higher education level than Pham Huong, Hoang My in international competition.

In 15 years Phuc Nguyen was a trainer for many supermodels, Miss Missions. He is known as a gourmet at the beauty pageant.

Recently, he conquered Miss Earth 2018 in a showdown with Phuong Khanh. This is the highest title in the international stage that the Vietnam representative won.

In an interview Zing.vnPhuc Nguyen said he was not mistakenly a boss, but a trainer. In particular, he claims that he does not share money with beautiful people.

Phuc Nguyen traveled with Miss Phuong Khanh in Miss Earth in 2020.

Phuc Nguyen traveled with Miss Phuong Khanh in Miss Earth in 2020.

Phuong Khanh has better knowledge than Pham Huong, Hoang My.

He lectured at a trade show business if he wanted to be a celebrity. What is her trade-off with Phuong Khanh?

– I have said that there are three relationships that make up the public. The first is money, two are love, and three are talents. In Phuong Khanh, I think he had a big price when he tried to show his talent. Obviously, people need to see Phuong Khanh express what I say to be true.

He trained many faces such as Pham Huong, Hoang My, and Truong Thi May. But Phuong Khanh has the highest title, and why?

– First, Phuong Khanh is lucky. Can you all be filled with all the luck? Second, Khanh has a high level of education and a solid knowledge base. So Phuong Khanh is a match of luck, knowledge and competition, unlike other students.

– Evaluating all his students, such as Pham Huong and Hoang My, means that the background of acquiring knowledge such as Phuong Khanh is not high.

Fortunately they did not laugh at the convention but they succeeded in the national competition. And wisdom is a vast category. For example, graduates in Year 12 have different undergraduate, undergraduate and undergraduate programs.

Phuong Khanh's level is excellent because she is an international student in Singapore. Be fluent in English and adapt to the foreign environment. So I decided that I was more fortunate and qualified at the time of Miss.

"Miss training is like playing around"

– Does the selection of Miss Beauty participants through the project have advantages and disadvantages, not based on a specific beauty pageant?

– The advantage is that you choose the best people in the contest. The disadvantage is that it does not have a specific title because it is a project. However, in the future we will designate the project as the country title and keep the name.

Participants have only one convention, and my participants participate in many international competitions and participate in international fashion shows. They are models of competitors as well as beauty.

Phuc Nguyen said he is not just a trainer, but a manager as people think.

Phuc Nguyen said he is not just a trainer, but a manager as people think.

– How effective is the beauty of Phuong Khanh as a queen?

– Everyone used to call me a manager, but I never did that before. As an administrator, I have to follow the candidates and divide by percentage.

Nevertheless, the manager must sign an exclusive contract with Miss. I am doing vocational training. In other words, I found her training and found her help.

With Phuong Khanh, our company does not own her. I and Khanh only work on November 13th. Then she will decide her job. When will the company support me? I will continue.

The victory of Phuong Khanh has a great influence on my reputation and my career. Because of her success, my project proved to be more successful.

– When the world is less interested in beauty contests, in Vietnam, where she no longer hates Miss – a girl named for a competition, the next day her life and money changed. Silver surround. Is that also fertile soil for him?

– Vietnam and other Asian countries are behind the West in every way. So what is new to me is the old story I had with them. They do not care anymore.

Vietnam or Asian countries, beauty is always the focus and influence. It is a fertile soil. In Vietnam, beauty fans are very excited about winning the international stage. That's where I can use martial arts.

I and Phuong Khanh were the first Vietnamese to open this event, so it is clear that this land has great potential for future development of those working in Miss Vietnam.

But I do things not for economic purposes. I have been doing this training for 15 years and I am sure no one can pay me back. I have not signed an exclusive contract and I have not received the money from you.

Phuc Nguyen, Miss Phuong Khanh at a press conference when she returned home.

Phuc Nguyen, Miss Phuong Khanh at a press conference when she returned home.

– It is difficult to share your thoughts because people rarely spend their time doing things without getting anything back.

– My income is another business area. For example, I operate a woodworking workshop, a real estate company, a cosmetics spa and a tea room. Showbiz is where I am passionate and fame.

Investments of people who do nothing or do nothing, such as creating artworks. It is a fun, hobby itself. Normally I have 100 billion, but nobody knows what I have and who I am. Do not be greedy or wrong, saying too hard. Participating in this work is an attraction for me.

"Phuong Khanh does not win when standing on a mountain of money"

When Phuong Khanh crowns, there are a lot of rumors to buy him. How did Phuong Khanh make the psychological preparations to face the case?

– Phuong Khanh new preparation and me also, it is a long story before. Despite the opposition, I rumored that I was very calm.

Phuong Khanh shines on stage. She is not standing beside the mountain of money and standing beside a giant expressing her strength.

Her name on the international stage is Vietnam, not Phuong Khan. Opposition should be open and prideful.

Phuc Nguyen explained the noise surrounding Miss Earth 2018 competition.

Phuc Nguyen explained the noise surrounding Miss Earth 2018 competition.

– Before that, there is a story that the earth miss is not as good as last year. How do you see it?

– Before becoming Director of Miss Earth, I did research on this competition. Once in a while, people did not talk about the earth's rumor every year.

I am listening to the brakes on downgrade or distrust. You have to look at what number to decide. For example, this year Miss Earth has 94 participating nations in the top three in the world, based on the number of participating countries.

The last night with many beautiful, professional and well-organized participants is evidence of competition expertise. The last four coroners were not public opinion or professional blame, but they succeeded.

– On the allegations of sexual harassment sponsored by sponsors of the district's candidates …?

– The Organizing Committee is responsible for keeping the participants' activities safe at the testing site, but there are not enough people to follow each 24/24.

Candidates are all 18 years old and are not prohibited from engaging in private activities. The accusation is unilateral if you have certain evidence that the problem is no longer to blame each other verbally.

After all, of the four who are satisfied with only the earthly moon, not four are clearly happy. Their reaction is very difficult to control. Therefore, it is not what I hear but is defined in the law.


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