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"Profit Organization", business "Backyard" is gradually open to large-scale corruption cases


Among the contents submitted to the National Assembly, it was one of the contents attending the discussion about the crime prevention of the judicial institution from 13th to 14th.

The rumor took place 160 days a year, with information from former Minister of Industry Vu Huy Hoang. (Picture taken by Hoang to play golf on a foreign tour)

The rumor took place 160 days a year, with information from former Minister of Industry Vu Huy Hoang. (Picture taken by Hoang to play golf on a foreign tour)

Ask the government to correct that government bureaucrats go abroad for violation of regulations.

The anti-corruption verification report emphasizes the implementation of measures to combat corruption in connection with the reporting of assets and imports.

According to the UB ruling, the number of cases reported in 2018 is very high. The authorities have reported 44 cases / 1.1 million people, but found six violations (one more than in 2017). It shows that verification of assets and income is not an effective way to prevent corruption.

In relation to the amendment of the labor standards, the assurance report stipulates that the Anti-Corruption Act can not assume responsibility for the establishment, operation and operation of a company, and relatives can not do business in the field of direct responsibility … However, And through the supervision and reflection of the media, the implementation of these regulations is still strictly speaking, the expression "interest group" is the "backyard", "family company" in square brackets between the national sector and enterprises, , Illegal loans, withdrawals from the state ….

In addition, the verification agency pointed out that the establishment and approval of foreign delegations in some ministries, branches and regions did not comply with the regulations. When leaders go abroad several times a year, many delegations go abroad for tourism, tourism, settlement and policy settlement, focusing on the content of research and learning experiences.

There are three projects to organize three delegations to study and study foreign models, but one delegation has no reports and the two groups are not related to the survey, but according to opinion, the press is ongoing.

The Judicial Committee recommends that the government directly inspect this situation and correct it in a timely manner.

The investigative agency said that the responsibility of corruption officers in the past has increased in relation to the handling of corrupt crimes, but that they are not yet proportionate to events and incidents. Corruption is detected and handled to show signs of not missing the responsibility of the person responsible for corruption. In 2018, 56 irresponsible corruption was being handled or under review, and 472 defendants were found guilty of corruption.

Continue pulling to fight corruption.

UB Justice has been evaluating the situation of corruption and has agreed that the government's assessment and corruption in 2018 are still complex. The "minor corruption", harassment and adverse impacts in the administrative and public services sector still occur in many places and cause problems for people and businesses. The government predicted that corruption in 2019 will continue to be suppressed, prevented, withdrawn and reduced.

UB Justice also said corruption is still a challenge and one of the most urgent issues in society. In addition to "minor corruption", large-scale cases of corruption in the form of "interest groups", "backyard" corporations, and "family businesses" are increasingly emerging and appropriate preventive measures.

The agency emphasizes several things to overcome in 2019 on the weaknesses and weaknesses of anti-corruption research.

In other words, some agencies, law enforcement agencies are not strict, disciplined, and disciplined. Some party committees, party organizations, and authorities have not yet fully recognized the seriousness of the corruption situation in the regions and regions under management, although they are not exemplary and decisive in leadership. Implementation, supervision and implementation of anti-corruption tasks should lead to the situation of "cold day", "transferring, transferring".

Implementation of publicity, transparency, and accountability for the activities of institutions, organizations and organizations is not good. Ownership of assets and income of persons with status and power was not controlled. There is no strong mechanism to control the power of people with positions and powers.

The verification body pointed out that some law enforcement agencies have serious and serious corruption incidents, including when senior officers and officers are involved. Military level; Support for corruption, support for corruption, and negative publicity about public opinion.

According to the assurance report, the recovery rate of corrupt assets is low. Self-discovery of corruption within institutions, organizations and units was still weak, but no solution was found. There is no effective solution to prevent the major corruption cases "interest groups" and "backyard business".


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