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Quang Nam Watermelon but written in Chinese characters: Purpose – DVO

The director of the Tam Phuoc Community (Phu Ninh District, Quang Nam Province), stamped with Chinese characters, but about the Quang Nam watermark information exchanged with the Dat Viet newspaper on April 15, is made and is made by the Pool Chinese Font Stamp Marketer .

"The farmer does not just cut the melon, let the merchant choose it, stamp it, put it on the weigh, and not every fruit is traded. The test will be exported to the Chinese market.

People sell 6,000 or 7,000 VND / kg, so we charge them without deducting the stamp price. "Said Tam Phuoc commune leader.

Quang Nam's market is in the middle of China: what?
Quang Nam farmers are selling Chinese stamps on watermelons. Photo: PLO

According to the leader of the commune, early in the season, melons were sold to merchants at 7,000 VND / kg, but melon prices declined after the last rain. Currently, melon prices are sold to traders at VND 5,000-6,000 / kg.

Also, according to the leaders of the commune, the price of melon this year is much higher compared to last year.

According to the media before, people reflect, this year is good, however, if you want to sell watermelon, you need to stamp the Chinese characters on each fruit. This stamp is provided by the merchant.

According to the Ministry of Justice of Le Muon, Ho Chi Minh, deputy director of the Department of Farmers and Rural Development, he came to the point of selling melons, saying this. Manufacturer's Rights.

Muon said, "A stamp printed in Chinese characters scanned the code and asked the authorities to translate it. A common understanding is that melon comes from Vietnam.

According to Mr. Muon, this is a wrong way of confirming the Vietnamese law, and it is beneficial to people in the short term, but in the long run it is harmful. Vietnamese agricultural products have many drawbacks. Foreign goods must be exported for Vietnamese goods.

Quang Nam's market is in the middle of China: what?
Chinese stamps on watermelon in Quang Nam. Photo: PLO

"In the short term, the Government of Myanmar will continue to monitor and report to the authorities to ensure that proper monitoring procedures are followed until the end of the Melon season in some areas. The handling authorities have sufficient facilities to deal with, but in the short term, If the ban is not sold by the people, the melons of the farmers will fall, "Muon said.

Muon said that when it comes to making a local melon brand, it must go through a satisfactory production process to attach a valuable stamp to the melon. At the same time, it is necessary to have a firm strong enough to be the exclusive agent to be consumed by Chinese orders. Currently this area has not been able to do it yet.

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