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Secret influences from the most popular names MXH Vietnamese


Two years ago, the influence of the strange concept became the best job in the eyes of Vietnamese young people. A few years ago, you do not have to be a singer, actor, or politician to be recognized for most of your merits. Now it's an ordinary person, but even if you have a hobby or a particular passion or personality, it's enough to be someone from social media or an expert. More generally, it is an "influencing factor".

Although recently developed, influential communities in Vietnam are considered to be very diverse and cover a variety of topics. Fashion, dining, lifestyle, technology, fashion, tourism and all kinds of names that cause a wind of wind.

I have talked to six young people who have influenced social networks in Vietnam since last year. Each person has different strengths and different starting points, but all have inspired young people.

Six characters will join today's round table:

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 1.

Ninh Tito: food blogger with rich energy sources

Last year is seen as a breakthrough time of Ninh Tito. From a food blogger specializing in reviewing Instagram, this man has invaded Youtube with a beautiful and exciting video about food. It is difficult to avoid the table because the impression of viewers about Ninh Tito is wonderful personality, various contents and products. The eyes of laughter make many people think that this person is not always funny and thinking. However, Ninh Tito had many difficulties.

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 3.

"Ninh's biggest pressure is to make a new review every day. Three vlogs should be broadcast weekly each week. It is worth mentioning that it is merely a recipe to follow the recipe, but it is a job that requires constant creativity and requires a large ship to carry the world. Therefore, all products are expected to be received and recognized when broadcast."- he said.

According to Ninh, what is the most difficult thing that influenza will face?

The most difficult thing is not over the economy, but overcoming public opinion to pursue passion, not health. Online communities are not easy. There are many friends who always show mercy and break. How do you accept, choose a good idea and ignore bad words? If it is determined as KOL, you must acquire this skill.

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 4.

How did Ninh overcome the bad word?

– Consider only increasing interactivity if you dislike or comment on the channel in a negative way. They are interesting because they increase interactivity.

– Even if you advertise your brand, you have to do something new, but you should not lose your identity by putting your mind and ego first.

– Cham went to see many fans to hear her thoughts and aspirations. Perhaps there was a new idea.

When a young person says he wants to do the same thing with you, what advice does Ninh want first?

Ninh always tells four things to those who want to do the same thing as Ninh or who want to work more accurately in speaking, cooking. It must be really enthusiastic, start work, and be sustainable. Do not be afraid of the province. Tin Ninh is a very normal person because fat people eat and eat weight with the majority of people.

Hwa Hao: Journey through your own shadow

The title of the season 2 champion is not only a reward but also an obstacle to the future path of Mars. Instead of annoying the netizen, she focused on her activities. One of them is to build images for fashionista in social networks. To date, Tu Hao has more than one million followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Round of the Year: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 6.

KOL / influencer is easy with Hao?

For Hao, KOL / Influencer is not easy. It is not suitable for people who are shy and less confident. Having a beautiful look and face is not enough, and you should have your own, such as lifestyle, hobbies, and passion. To get inspiration from others, you have to overcome the limit.

What was the greatest lesson of Shu Hao last time?

Do not keep happiness and be happy forever. Work diligently to make people remember their names. Do not think everyone is lazy to know you.

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 7.

What personality should be influential?

Treat yourself boldly. You can see what you need and what you need to do. Do not be shy and fearful. Shyness will kill you in this job. And do not dream everything now.

Hà Trúc: I am proud to be a "job" for my family.

Because all the work this girl did was meticulous and above expectations, many netizens called it "Truc" under the nickname "blogger". In addition to being a beautiful girl, Ha Truc has successfully created a picture of a lifestyle blogger. Eat well, dress nicely, go out a lot. But her work is really simple!

Round of the Year: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 9.

What makes Harthk the most proud of his career?

The blogger / KOL / influencer proved to the family that it was a real "job".

How do you define influenza activity?

It is difficult, but not easy, to tell the influencer easily. In fact, it is difficult to communicate positive energy to everyone. It is easy because it is a "job" that does not require a school degree without doing anything and can not do anything.

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the most popular names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 10.

The most important thing that young people should prepare before pursuing this job?

If you want to be a blogger and KOL / influencer, you have to be financially self-sufficient in advance by your personal affairs, and do a lot of interesting and dangerous things. Once you get started, make sure you have enough love for your work, and promise to work hard and think a long way.

Olive Page: inspiration is indispensable in inspector.

Not only did I go back to Vietnam in the past year to pursue the job of a travel blogger, but Olive Page soon created its own brand. In addition to the influence of the beautiful travel products, in 2018, Trang showed his team members and their work to win the championship in the Here Here Go Season 4 competition.

Top Round of the Year: Secrets are the influence of the hottest names. Vietnam MXH - Picture 12.

Each KOL / influencer has its own community. This represents their message and lifestyle. How does the olive page describe your community?

Perhaps young people like to travel, enjoy exploring, and always want to conquer and experience new lands. Trang is also very interested in the environment. Trang has long pursued a green lifestyle. Girls are very strong and independent and always want to claim themselves. What Trang sees is very clear through the sharing you send to me every day.

How does Trang get inspired when doing this?

Trang is very simple in fact to maintain inspiration. Trang has a lot of new ideas for me because I like reading and appreciation. It's never boring because you always want to do new things, make new challenges, and share new ideas.

Also explore new things and be open, optimistic and positive. You will be a person who brings a new perspective on the lives of many other young people. So make sure this is a useful and civilized view.

The highest peak of the year: the secret will be the influential person of Vietnam's hottest name MXH - Photo 13.

What can you expect for Trang Olive's next activities in 2019? Do you have a breakthrough?

I value community projects for young people who love green, positive lifestyles and cultural values. It all started, but I am very excited and will do my best to make everyone debut soon.

Khánh Vy: It is good luck to make influenza.

Singing, dancing, hosting, video blog – Khanh Vy tried to achieve some success. Vy's images on the Internet always have a strange appeal that makes people happy and positive. When you become an influenza, you claim to be "just lucky," but no one can deny that this girl has a good job.

Round Table 1: Secrets are the influence of the most popular names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 15.

How often are Vy fans young people?

I see my followers as all my friends, regardless of whether or not I have met them. What they have in common is loving, learning love, learning a foreign language, maintaining a balance of learning, and always having a positive energy.

What was Vy able to learn from this work?

I have more confidence. Although I am happy, but somewhat deeper in the depths, I am very self-deprecating about myself. I am trying to have more confidence. Vy believes that everyone has a bright spot. Her mission is to trust and wait for the shine.

Round of the Year: Secrets are the influence of the most popular names. Vietnamese MXH - Picture 16.

Advice for young people who want to become influenza?

I only share what you lead! The happiest thing is to do what you like and make sure that you have positive value to everyone around you. I really hope that all our young people can do that.

Lai Shangxing: Everyone can shine in their own way

Lai Thuong Hung may be the strangest name, but everybody should read their lovely poems several times. What Lai Thuong Hung does every day inspires life with his own words and speaks beautiful little things.

The top round of the year: The secret is influential in the hottest names of MXH in Vietnam - Photo 18.

Last year I was active in MXH for a year. What makes you most proud?

Sometimes we often go to the hashtag of the Instagram, Facebook, see people posting their photos, or use echoes to use self-portrait, family photos, photos, etc. as captions. … I share my daily life with my faith. Some of my inbox friends told me that this picture is happier and life seems softer. Happiness is deep and long lasting.

What is the biggest lesson of 2018?

Everything will have relief. Sometimes it's okay to meet unfortunate things, it's okay. Take a break and continue. Do not give up!

Top Round of the Year: The Secret Becomes the Most Influential Person in Vietnam's Most Popular Name (Photo 19).

If a young man says he wants to do his favorite thing, what is his first advice?

Do not be afraid to do it! Step by step. Please do it a little.

Do not be afraid once. Just be regular and persistent. A few months later, a few months will be very long and very long.

Do you have a breakthrough in 2019?

I have many plans in the New Year. Create video content, create a YouTube channel, create your own character. I do not know if I can make breakthroughs. Otherwise, it's okay. I will still do what I like and feel happy and feel good and happy with my followers. For me, it is the most important thing.

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