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She has decided not to divorce for many years despite a cold.

In front of the court, the 61-year-old woman revealed a series of bad personality to her husband, but did not allow divorce.

In April, the Hanoi People's Court appealed to Thanh's appeal for a marriage dispute with Tang's (66) husband.

At the first trial held in the Dongdae People's Court, two grandparents presented each other to their parents 30 years ago. Mr. Duong often works away from home, taking care of two children alone. In 2006, he retired, spent more time at home, and husband and wife were in conflict.

Four years later, when the dispute was not resolved, Duong lived apart. My husband applied for divorce for almost 10 years. Tan's did not agree because she believed that she had love and sacrifice for her husband and children.

Presented at the court, Duong said she was addicted to drugs and did not lend money to cheat her parents without betting, borrowing money or cheating. Moreover, she suddenly filed a divorce suit when she was sick.

Due to the first trial in late 2018, she could not prove that the couple still fell in love and could be cured. Duong insisted on a divorce, and the People 's Court of East China accepted the plaintiff' s request. Court for joint property, mutual agreement

Thanh appealed because he said the court did not arrange the settlement in the first trial. At an appeals court meeting, Thanh did not reply shortly before asking the chairman's questions, "To propose changing the person on the panel, what to appeal, and what to present?" A trial to find evidence that Duong violated the laws on marriage and family. The court did not accept this fact and gave the file time to provide information and prepare it.

In the next announcement, Thanh left home for 12 years, and Duong took no responsibility for his wife and children. When he retired, he thought he had a friend, and he was hospitalized and discharged. She explained why she could not find her husband because she was addicted to gambling and had an expression of stone. She could not walk there because she was a devout person.

The chairman asks her, "Are you worthy of your husband's love?" She replied ambiguously, "Love is the two children, the court goes to the perpetrator."

Before that, Thanh repeatedly did not answer directly, and did one of the panel members understand the court's statement?

Unlike his wife, Yang asked the court to act on his first verdict without asking for a trial. He said the Dong-A People's Court repeatedly called for reconciliation between the two, but it never appeared. He wanted the appellate court to make a divorce decision everywhere and beat his husband.

The Chairman declared that he would continue his first decision without accepting Thanh's appeal in the reading about 5 minutes on April 9.

When Yang left the courtroom, Mrs. Tan said in a loud voice. "You cheated, I still have to sue." She has long been asking panel members about the possibility of an appeal after an appeal.

* The character name has been changed.

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