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Striker Ibrahimovic, Manchester United midfielder Lindbergh Story

The Swedish striker talked about his compatriot performing an impressive performance at Old Trafford.

After a year and a half settling in Old Trafford, Victor Lindelof eventually bought £ 40m from Benfica.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the most trusted team to be impressed by Sweden's defender by goalkeeper David De Gea.

Striker Ibrahimovic, Lindelof midfielder MU's image story
Striker Ibrahimovic, Manchester United midfielder Lindbergh Story

Describing the molting of his fellow compatriots, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said Lindström was overly amicable and unable to show the fighting spirit of the warriors, resulting in the first defeat season. Manchester United shirts.

I'm talking about the Reds striker: "He has had a lot of difficulties because he is a typical Swedish guy, and we always try to keep in touch with people every time he gets to a new environment, just like he does not play, even if things are not good."

"I made it clear to him." Listen, the players here are warriors and conquerors. You will not hesitate to let the club know where you are, if you are too familiar with, need to be, or are not. "Now he has changed and has played better."

"The key here is not everything at the level of expertise, but everything is in your head with strong courage and confidence, which takes up to 50% of the decision to be defeated, and if not possible, he will die, I hoped to continue what I am doing now. "

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