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Suggestion to clarify receipt and acceptance of bribery of test fraud to the Ministry of Public Security

On the afternoon of April 23, The National Assembly Culture, Education, Youth and Youth Committee held talks with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources and the Public Security Department. For the 2018 National High School Examination Violation and 2019 National High School Examination Preparation

After the meeting, Phan Viet Luong, a member of the National Assembly, Education, Youth, Youth and Children Standing Committee, Tien Phong About the basics of this meeting

In particular, in the case of the Ministry of Public Security, the Commission proposed to expedite the findings of the investigation. Especially in Ha Giang, the investigation time is more than 9 months, so it must be done early and announced with public opinion.

The Commission also pointed out that the Department of Public Security should investigate and violate things with parents and relatives who have the authority, in particular, to maintain prestige and promote exemplary cases. Party party.

"Whether people take advantage of the status of authority, are there any people who provide bribes and receive bribes?" The agency should pay special attention to this result. "

In addition, the committee proposed to pay attention to ensuring fairness in provincial weekly surveys. Because there is the province, investigation security agency of ministry is involved, but we regained consciousness of area itself. The Ministry of Public Security must support and participate in local units to maintain fairness at the local level.

"We need to take precautions because of certain pressures that stagnate, are biased, or affect the outcome of the investigation. The minister and minister must actively explain and provide public opinion in order to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the survey, "He said.

In the case of MoET, The committee proposed to review and summarize all candidates involved in the revision of the scores.. In addition to the 12 participants from Hoa Binh and Son La, the total number of candidates included in the fixed score must be listed, but the actual score is still sufficient and still in study. At the same time, review the rules for using illegitimate graduation certificates and see how to assess the grades of students currently attending.

In particular, the commission asked the minister to take responsibility and cooperate with institutions to make mistakes. For example, the deputy director of the exam chief, the deputy chief of the education and training department who is the offender, is investigated and investigated and the responsibilities of the deputy chief must also be considered.

"The 2019 test season is so close that we have to correct the violations in the education industry to stop the rest," Luong emphasizes.

Why does the Ministry of Education and Public Safety explain the fraud of test equipment?

Pham Thi Minh Hien, a member of the National Assembly Social Committee, said parliamentarians need to deal strictly with the "execution point" cadres whose children need to set an example and work for them. In dealing with test fraud in the area, do not ignore people's beliefs by avoiding the truth once more in declarations and transparency.

Vice President Hoa Binh addressed the test.

After many contacts, Bui Van Cuu, vice chairman of Hoi Binh Provincial People's Committee on April 22, discussed the scam test with Tien Phong, chairman of the National High School Examination and Steering Committee at Hoa Binh. Hoa Binh.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong shows that the participant knows the fraud.

Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, who has been named to the top 5 percent of world economic experts for many years, said that it is unreasonable to say that it is not reasonable to raise the score at the Merkong Development Institute. Points are ready before students take the exam.


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