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Tears aroused at the funeral of an unfortunate Ethiopian airline pilot.

People sit in all the empty spaces of the hall and others stand outside. They came here on March 10 to express regret to 29 of Yared Getecho, the captain and crew of the aircraft carrying the 302 Ethiopian Airline.

This is a state-of-the-art airliner belonging to Boeing's 737 MAX series. The plane was seriously injured for six minutes from Addis Ababa to Kenya's Nairobi.

Tears aroused at the funeral of an Ethiopian airline pilot - Photo 1.

Ethiopian Airlines Yared Getecho, an unfortunate young pilot on the flight.

All those attending the funeral were dressed in black, and the whole hall cried to the crew's family and friends. After about an hour of ceremony, Getachew Tessema, the father of the unfortunate pilot, sat quietly outside the hall.

Tears aroused at the funeral of Ethiopian Airlines pilot - Photo 2.
Tears of rage at the funeral of Ethiopian airline pilot - photo 3.

Tears of mourning young, talented and passionate pilots.

Some people complimented their friends and young colleagues expressing their regrets. One said, "Today's flight is one-way flight to heaven, flying to eternal life, and I will never have this journey again."

Tears aroused at the unfortunate Ethiopian air funeral - Photo 4.
Tears aroused at unfortunate Ethiopian air funeral - photo 5.

Friends and relatives can not help crying.

Later, the Sky News reporter talked with Mr. Tesama about the son, who described everyone as a passionate, enthusiastic pilot and a very high-minded person.

"He's not 30 yet, but he's been a big step forward, and he's been working hard, working hard, respecting us, and loving America," Boeing said.

"I have been doing very well, I am experiencing this now, I have something unexpected, sometimes I can not change my destiny." Tessema also asked Ethiopian Airlines to create a monument to celebrate the victims of a bad flight. He also shared the difficulty of finding the remains of his son.

"This is a terrible accident, everything begins to break, it's just dust, I can not give anything back to my mother, I hope I can find something, I will give back where he was born, but now he is in the land of Ethiopia have. "

Tears aroused at the funeral of an Ethiopian airline pilot - Photo 6.

The father was painful when the scene was ashes, and his remains could not be brought back.

Prior to the event, the Sky News correspondent spoke with some pilots in Ethiopia about the Boeing 737 MAX line and it was clear that everyone was very concerned. Five months ago, a plane crash similar to Lion Air occurred on the Indonesian coast.

The two pilots were more difficult to control than the previous version of the 737, and many were dissatisfied with the instructions and information Boeing provided when the pilot switched to line control. MAX.

Tearful anger at an unfortunate Ethiopian air funeral - Photo 7.

157 people, including crew and passengers, died on the plane.

The 737 MAX version has a new software system called the mobility enhancement system (MCAS). If the computer predicts that the aircraft is at risk of stalling, the aircraft will automatically lower the aircraft. Unable to interfere with the software, Lion Air's pilots had difficulty reaching the height before the 737 MAX 8 hit the ocean. This killed 189 people on the flight.

The two pilots did not know the MCAS when the new aircraft was used, and Boeing provided information points (computer software-related information) on two support bulletins shortly after the accident. The victims of Lion Air. "They realize that this is simply not enough.

A Boeing senior official said in a March 12 Wall Street Journal article that he decided not to provide more detailed information to his crew. Too much technical information. Boeing's CEO also insisted that the 737 MAX is still a high-security aircraft. Nonetheless, Boeing must conduct a thorough investigation of the safety of this version after two catastrophic events.

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