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The AFF Cup 2018 striker scored six goals in the Thai army.


Naturally, Thailand defeated East Timor 7-0 in the AFF Cup in 2018. The level between the two teams is very different. But striker Adisak Kraisorn scored six goals in the championship championship and surprised the Southeast Asian football community.

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Adisak Kraisorn is the most prominent player in the AFF Cup 2018 Open. (Photo: Thailand Football Club)

Noh Alam Shah could not break the 7-0 record for the AFF Cup competition with Singapore's 11-0 victory over Laos in 2007, but Adisak Kraisorn was the first player to score six consecutive goals without goals. Who scored.

Six goals against East Timor marked the return of Adisak Kraisorn after four years of "quiet" in Southeast Asian football.

Adisak Kraisorn started from Asiad 2014, which scored five goals in the Thai men's football Olympic semifinals held in Incheon, and moved to the Southeast Asian media "Kiatisk II".

In the AFF Cup 2014, Adisak Kraisorn tries to match Almera and La Liga under contract with Thailand's leading striker Teerasil Dangda under the guidance of Kiatisuk Senamuang. The match, Adisak Kraisorn, is not bad with two goals.

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Striker Adisak Kraisorn was born in 1991 and is wearing a Muangthong United club with a height of 1m82. (Photo: Thai Football Association)

However, Adisak Kraisorn falls short on the brilliant performance of "Messi Thai" Chanathip Songkrasin, the well-off Charyl Chappuis or Kroekrit Thawikan heading to Thailand's 2014 AFF Cup crown.


In the AFF Cup 2016, the tomb of Southeast Asia no longer remembers the name Adisak Kraisorn when the striker is not on the roster.

Instead, Siroch Chatthong is a strange wind of Thai Airlines. It was Siroch Chatthong that helped Thailand to defeat Indonesia in the second leg and successfully defend the championship.

Over the last four years, Adisak Kraisorn has suffered numerous injuries and slumps and suddenly blew six goals in East Timor in 2018 in the AFC Cup.

Nonetheless, Adisak Kraisorn is in a good position to win the AFF Cup 2010 despite the end of the tournament.

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