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The fast day of the first day of this year

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 07:00 (GMT + 7)

The Chinese believe that doing the Lunar New Year will affect luck throughout the year.

Fast day of the first day of this year - 1

Chinese New Year Decorations

Traditionally, Chinese people have a lot of taboos in Tet.

Many young Chinese do not follow this taboo now, but the traditional family still believes that abstinence is good.

According to China Highlights, there are six things that Chinese people on the first day of the New Year should avoid.

1. Do not take medicine.

Chinese people do not think it should be taken on the first day of the new year. If they do, they will hurt all year round.

In some parts of China, sick people around the night before will be hit by pitchers thinking they will not be ill in the new year.

2. Do not throw away the trash, but throw away the trash.

The act of sweeping the garbage on the first day of the New Year is considered "lonely fortune". The garbage is said to be lucky at home.

Happy New Year this year - 2

The act of throwing away garbage on the first day of the New Year is considered "lonely property".

3. Do not eat pork or meat at breakfast.

Chinese people should not eat in the morning because they believe that only poor people eat porridge for breakfast. And because no one is a bad sign, I do not want to start the New Year because I am too poor.

In addition, the Chinese said they should not eat meat at breakfast as a respect for Buddhism.

4. Wash your hair without sucking clothes.

People should not wash their clothes on the 1st and 2nd day. According to the Chinese concept, these two anniversaries are the spirit of water.

Chinese people do not wash their hair on the first day of the New Year. In Chinese, hair is pronounced like "fa" in "facai" (meaning rich). So washing your hair requires washing away good luck.

5. Do not stitch.

Use of knives and scissors is not recommended. Accidents involving the use of cutlery are believed to lead to unfortunate events and to reduce money in the new year.

First day of the year - 3 days

On the first day of the new year, do not sew according to the Chinese concept.

6. Married women can not visit their parents. Lie down

This brings unhappiness to the birth parents and the whole family has financial difficulties. Traditionally married girls should visit their parents' house on the 2nd.

Taboo during municipal

During the 1 to 15 Tet period, the Chinese often avoid:

A child's cry Parents do their best to cry as much as possible because they bring misfortune to their family.

Damage equipment or equipment During this period, the homeowner will lose his property in the new year. Therefore, entrepreneurs should be very careful to preserve equipment and equipment.

hospital visit I brought a New Year's epidemic. Therefore, Chinese people avoid visiting sick people in hospitals except for emergencies.

Theft: Do not let others take your things and money because this is a signal that you will lose something in the new year.

fan : Do not borrow money for all the debts you have to pay on Tet and New Year's Eve. If someone owes money, do not go home and argue. Those who do so are expected to be unhappy throughout the year.

Rice containers should not be left empty. Stopping cooking during Tet is a bad sign.

Torn clothes: Do not wear torn clothing during the New Year. Especially in January of the lunar month, when children wear clothes torn, it is said that misfortune is caused.

Do not wear white or black clothing. Because these two colors are related to the funeral, according to Chinese tradition

Do not give presents like clocks, scissors, and spears. Because Chinese culture has a bad meaning.

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Many army predicts a favorable career and romance this year.

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