Wednesday , April 14 2021

The guest comes out of the American airplane window. The crew refers to the scarecrow.

Investigators see the plane's engine malfunction on April 17.

When host Rachel Fernheimer went to the 14th seat of the Boeing 737-700, the scene of horror stopped her.

The 43-year-old passenger Jennifer Lee Ordain escapes from the window. The woman is still wearing a seat belt. But her head, body and arms were caught in broken windows.

Fernheimer traveled on an airplane to allow passengers to breathe through an oxygen mask. When Riordan came out of the window, she and another waitress, Seanique Mallory, threw himself into Riordan.

More information on Flight 1380 crashes in 17.4 was announced for the first time when the National Traffic Safety Commission began a hearing on why an aircraft engine failed.

The court document describes Fernheimer's experience on a plane carrying 144 passengers. "She can not hear anything because of ear pressure." The cabin is very noisy and the wind is very large. "

After failing to communicate with the pilot several times, Malori finally managed to inform the pilot of the terrible situation. Captain Tammie Jo Shults and deputy director Darren Ellisor immediately decided to land in Philadelphia.

"We listen to a secret word about someone outside the window and the window, people are still sitting in their seats, women's helpless passengers go in, but I do not know what it is."

Fernheimer saw the jet engine shatter and bleed when she looked out the window.

Despite the efforts of the crew, Riordan died of an injury. Eight passengers, including at least one person who would help to attract Riordan, were slightly injured.

Conflict investigation continues.

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