Friday , December 4 2020

The most searched Vietnamese keywords in Japan

After the Asian Cup quarter-finals ended in 2019, the Vietnamese keywords were the most searched in the rising sun.

The Japanese are curious about Vietnam.

The quarter-finals had a few days and the result of the victory was stronger. However, the teachers of Bokwon were very interested in the performances of the fans.

In fact, the loss to Japan is the sight of so many Vietnamese fans, which shows a new football image in this country. According to recent statistics from Google, the keyword "Vietnam" is one of the most searched words in Japan.

The most searched Vietnamese keywords in Japan

Vietnamese keywords are often searched in Japan.

According to Google Trends data, statistics show that there are up to 20,000 search results for Vietnam and the second most searched keyword in the sun rising country. In other words, the Japanese are very curious about the telephone in Vietnam. And there are reasons why those red shirt boys can play as much as a big Asian player in many hours of the game.

Nguyet Anh – TTVN

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