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The pregnant suspect killed and hid himself on charges of’playing cards all day without doing business’.


On November 17, Long An provincial police prosecuted the case and decided to prosecute the defendant against Huynh Thi Diep (SN 1981, living in An Hoa village, Long An Duc Hoa district, Anh Ninh Tay commune). “Murder” and “property theft” acts.

The victim of the incident was found dead by Mrs. Nguyen Thi K (79 years old, living in the village of An Ninh Tay in Duc Hoa district) in Diep’s home bathroom, about 100 meters from the victim’s home.

Pregnant suspect

Suspect Deep (Photo: Long Anseong Police)

In an investigative agency, Diep allegedly was the suspect who murdered Mrs. K, hid herself in the bathroom, and robbed her property. Initially, the suspect claimed to have killed Mrs. K because of a 10 million VND loan, but after a few months he was unable to pay the victim.

On October 28, Diep sent his son to Mr. K’s house and asked to come to his house for attention. After that, Mrs. K went to Diep’s house to make money, and when he left, Mrs. K brought VND 30 million and bail. Seeing Diep sitting in the house waiting for him, Mrs. K. accused him.

The pregnant suspect killed and hid herself on charges of'playing cards all day without doing business'.

The police conducted an experiment at the scene of the crime.

Seeing what Mr. K said seriously, Diep was upset because he thought he was unpleasant, so he used a stick to hit Mr. K, causing death. After seeing Mr. K’s death, Dip hastily soaked in a plastic pool (children’s breath), wrapped it, and covered it with plastic outside. Then wrap the victim with duct tape and put it back in the bathroom.

Next, Diep took K’s gold coins, rented a neighbor’s motorcycle, tried to escape, ran to Tay Ninh and hid. Especially at the time of the crime, Diep was pregnant and was going to give birth to an unmarried husband, but still behaved very cold.

Now this husband also comes to work and works with the police to investigate the case. Suspect Diep was taken to his home by the authorities to test the crime scene.

The pregnant suspect killed and hid herself on charges of'not doing business and playing cards all day'.

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