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The stage is Cong Phuong & # 39; s

Video: Incheon NHM Support Cong Phuong (Source: Choi Heon-TV)

The new season with Incheon United is still a storm. As expected by the talented strategist Andersen, the team will be able to rise to the first half of the BXH, and weak results know the bottom line.

In the first game, Incheon recorded 1 win 3 3 7. The most recent victory was in the second leg of the K-League. Like last year, they changed the line between the lines. And this time, the coach of Yoo Sang-cheol will gain strength and continue the challenging journey on this team.

Incheon will face Daegu, who lost 0-3 in the first leg ahead of the second leg. The game that Cong Phuong did well when his first game started. Cong Phuong is enough to see what is missing and what needs to be improved.

At the end of the turn, now Cong Phuong and his team members have to erase the heights of the last season and play as if the new season had begun. With a new coach, they need to work hard to get the main kick and improve the performance of the home team.

It is not easy to play in the Daegu area. This team is fourth in the league and fourth in Ulsan Hyundai. But Yoo Sang-cheol coach said in his debut: "If you want to win your opponent, you have to show yourself very special."

The statement is encouraging but profound. If Incheon defeats, it is not shameful, loser, ordinary player, nothing special.

Cong Phuong also played well in Vietnam but did not show much in Korea. If I continue to struggle with the current style, Cong Phuong is difficult to succeed in any environment. In such a disgusting squad, this is when Cong Phuong expresses herself and gets confidence from the coach.

Incheon has the strongest power in this game. Cong Phuong has a favorable condition with Mugosa's public good partners. Behind such a sharp striker, Cong Phuong is completely satisfied with his creative freedom. I hope Daegu Bank Park Stadium will be a shining spot for him.

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