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The story of a few people is as follows. For the last six years, North Korea has lost its "cold lady".

Saturday, March 16, 2019 3:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Meteorologists say North Korea has not become a cold girl in March for the last six years.

A "cold cold" is a popular way to call the cold of the last winter in January, usually in the lunar March of the north. This is a cold spell that lasts a few days, often accompanied by a little rain, and drizzling down and getting steam from the sea at the end of the season, moving slightly eastward through Tonkins Bay.

Little-known story: North Korea

North Korea spent six years without a cold girl. (illustration)

However, those who have lunar calendar in the lunar month in recent years are no longer cold. This time of cold is usually light, so people can not feel the cold.

To clarify this issue, I interviewed Ngyen Duc Hoa – Deputy Director of Climate Prediction at the National Hydrometeorology Center.

Many reflect the fact that the moon in the north in March is no longer cold. So, according to him, have you lost the "cold girl"?

Cold weather control means when the average daily temperature drops below 20 degrees Celsius.

In March the lunar calendar (usually late March to early May), cold air is still active and still cold weather (the average daily temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius).

However, cold weather does not occur at this time of year. According to our statistics, the frequency of cold spells is about 30%. Therefore, on average, about 10 times every 10 years.

Little-known story: North Korea

Nguyen Duc Hoa – Deputy Chief of Climate Prediction, National Hydrological Weather Center

Why is the cold weather in March of the lunar calendar not stronger than the previous day in recent years?

According to statistics, the most recent "Cool Girl Prohibition" wave occurred in the solar calendar in April 2013. Therefore, during 6 months during the 3 months of the lunar calendar, the coldness has disappeared.

There are many reasons why you have not had a cold in the past six years. It is global warming and the longest El Niño prolongation occurred in 2014-2016, and the average temperature has risen 3-5 months in recent years. Above average.

Climate change can be the cause of extreme weather events such as cold weather, very cold weather or very hot weather. Global warming and urbanization increase average temperatures in most areas. Cold magic still occurs, but only in a short time, so the average temperature for the whole month or the entire month is higher than average.

What is your opinion on the cold weather this year?

The lunar calendar of March this year will fall in April 2019. According to the assessment, the average temperature is higher than the average for many years, so the possibility of cold weather is not high. Cold weather still occurs, but it usually rains and makes the sky cool (it is only cold in mountainous areas).

However, predictions can not predict the details of cold air from predicting general trends and averages. Therefore, cold weather forecast problems must be tracked 10 days before the National Hydrographic Meteorology Center homepage (http: //www.nchmf) to be updated.

Legend: "Jeong is the daughter of Ngoc Hoang, but unlike many sisters she is slow and somewhat awkward, but she is still loved by her parents.

Ngoc Hoang and Hoang Hau loved the loser but poor, but she did not know what to do. She told each other to tell her husband more about housework.

Bo is also a person who lives in a heavenly world. She loves her husband very much. Having learned that the cold season had come, she decided to sew her husband into a bra. But she was so clumsy, when she started to cold, she started to work, but she found something strange and struggled, she had no other tribe, the car had no needles, put on weaving, and again. cracked. So much as the sky comes out, I put only my wrists.

But Mr. Bong does not disappoint. Fortunately, by the end of January and February, the garments were finished and cold. She was very sad. Looking at the sad kid, Ngoc Hoang asked. When he learned about the emperor movement in Ogden, he cooled the sky for several days so that he could wear his shirt.

Since then, the cold season in March has passed, but the hot season has come, but sometimes it is cold, sometimes called cold. "

Hot sunshine, hail, thunder sound coming early: a signal of North Korea's unexpected disaster?

It is not the season when the weather is still cold from cold day to hot day, but it is thunderstorm, thunder and thunder in the north.

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