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The train got out of the high pass. Miserable passengers due to heat

Tragic passengers due to trains, trains derailed on the Haiban Pass - Picture 1.

The SE3 train derailed as I passed the high van pass. Passenger photo provided.

Doan Duy Hoach, deputy director of the Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR), told Tien Phong that the SE3 ship ran north-south at 11:10 am on June 29th. When I traveled on Hai Van Pass (Hue – Da Nang connection), I suddenly ran out of car number four.

VNR broke issue number four. At the same time, take all three passengers to Da Nang Station at Da Nang Station. The rest of the passengers were taken to the rear of the vehicle, and then they moved the train from Hue to Lang Co station (Hue).

According to Mr Gian, while an electric car is at the top of the train, some vehicles are not supplied with electricity while waiting to drag the engine when cutting to deal with the problem due to issue number 4. Passengers must wait in hot weather.

Tragic passengers on the train, the train derailed on the Haifa Pass - Photo 2.

Many trains lost power after the train, and passengers had to wait for the heat. Photo reader provided.

The VNR leader said the accident did not harm people. Because at that time the train only passed at a speed of about 15 km / h.

On the same day, the accident was completed at around 17:00 and the entire North-South railway resumed.

Xu estimates that the first half of this year's rate of turbulence has increased, particularly over the past few years, primarily deviating from the past. This year, passenger ships increased due to the derailment of the problem. . To overcome this situation, VNR instructed the wagon to find a solution to overcome the air filter in the night air spring of the vehicle shock absorber.

Tragically derailed passengers on the derailed Haiban Pass - Photo 3.

Several passengers to Da Nang Station took three trains to Da Nang, and the rest of the passengers were taken to the car to return to Hue. Photo reader provided.

Passengers returning to the SE3 spacecraft suffering Hai Van Pass Video:

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