Saturday , May 15 2021

Transfer News Chelsea have signed a contract with Tottenham's son,

Striker Sohn Heung-min is getting the attention of "The Blues" with an impressive record in Tottenham this season.

Chelsea will prepare £ 80m for Son Heung-min's service next summer. This is the price Real Madrid 2009 bought to buy Chris Hoanu Ronaldo (idol of son Megumi).

If Korean stars agree to play, Tottenham will double what they send. In 2015, White Hart Lane's home team used £ 30m to bring him back from Bayer Leverkusen.

Transfer news Chelsea have bought Soong Hee Min's image from Tottenham.

But Spurs will not want to lose a key player. From the beginning of the competition, his son showed a fairly stable appearance when he scored 14 goals and helped 6 "roosters" in every way. Tottenham's leadership plans to sign a five-year contract with a Korean striker, and the salary doubles to just £ 85,000 a week.

Chelsea think that if the Belgian player leaves next summer, Sohn will take the risk. The British media reported that Chelsea's president Abramovich had personally displayed his son after seeing the striker head to the goal when the two teams met in the middle of the season.

Chelsea's management is expected to give the player three times the salary if Tottenham plans to double his money to Son Heung-min.

With Son Heung-min, he still played an important role for the Spurs. Ever since missing the Asian Cup final, Tottenham have been eliminated in both league and FA major leagues.


His son has recently returned to the last two rounds of the Premier League and immediately scored both of his games and brought six points directly to Tottenham.

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