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Twelve Korean & # 39; fake love movies & # 39;


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Song Jung Ki – Song Hye Kyo Brother, Lee Hyun Kyung Sung Teacher … Happy couples are widely respected.

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On October 17, Song Jung – ki and Song Hye – kyo 's wedding ceremony sparked the entertainment industry in Korea. Both of them "broke up" when they declared marriage after denying that they were rumored late. "Full House" girlfriend Song Jung Ki falls in love with "blockbuster". He has been married for over a year now and has not even thought of having a child, but decided to focus on his career.

Twilight Couple - 2

Goh and his brothers are officially dating after joining the movie 'Blood Hungry Doctor' in 2015. I was married in a year. In the blessing of many fans / 2016. The marriage of a couple is not as brilliant as any other marriage. Two people decided to donate to a children's wedding ceremony at Shinchon Severance Hospital. The couple now live happily with their first daughter.

Twilight Couple Movies - 2

Ryu Soo and Park Hee Sun met MBC's "Two Weeks" as performers for the first time. In March 2015, fans surprised fans by announcing a fan date after five months of research. In early January 1977, Amateur Park decided to take a girl under the age of eight. The marriage of the couple was secretly held in the presence of two families and close friends. The couple now live happily with their first daughter, who was born in August last year.

Jin Tae-hyun and sister Park Si-hye will get to know each other someday when they participate in Pure Pumpkin Flower 2010. Just learning both will start dating. Three years later, keep your hands on a pair of small screens. In 2015, they decided to marry five years after their date. Currently Park Si-eun and Jin-Tae Hyun live happily without children.

Jin Tae – hyun and Park Si – eun knew each other by participating in the movie 'Pure Pumpkin Flower' in 2010. I started dating for a few months while exploring. Three years later, keep your hands on a pair of small screens. In 2015, they decided to marry five years after their date. Currently Park Si-eun and Jin-Tae Hyun live happily without children.

Twilight Couple - 2

Choi Won Young and Sim Young began to know each other when they appeared in MBC 's "Centenary Celebration" in 2013. About 10 months after the date, the "heir" decided. At the wedding, Shim Yi Young's three-month-old wedding dress is now happily living in Seoul. Countries with little girls.

Twilight Couple - 2

Gyo Jin and So Yi Hyun are friends when they were young. When you enter the entertainment industry for the first time, the two partners with one company and the relationship is very close. They have known each other for a long time, but have come to the "screen" of Aeja's sister, Minja (2008) and Happy Ending (2012). In 2014, the people suggested marriage to the girls and the girls agreed. A happy family with two beautiful girls is widely respected.


Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young are among the most respected couples in the industry. Ji-sung continued to pursue the "sunshine" of Miss Korea after shooting in the movie, "Please leave me the last dance". But Booyoung wanted to find him a non-entertainment partner. Ji Sung answered frankly before declining to Lee Bo Young. "Then I will give up acting." Inspired by Ji Sung's words, Lee's aunt agreed to date him in 2007. After six years together, the couple decided to marry in 2013. Two people are preparing to welcome her members. New in three years since the first princess was born.

Han Gain and Yeon Jung Hoon are famous TV series in 2003

Han Cheng and Joo Jeong Hoon joined the hit TV series "Yellow Handkerchief" in 2003 and became acquainted with each other. Yeon Yeon is a person who actively pursues nostalgic beauty in Korea. A Cain dating for two years decided to turn 23 and his career is at its peak. Yeon Jung Hoon was not as good as any of the other actors, but she became the "greatest enemy" of many Ga In actors and fans who brought her to the palace successfully. The couple now live happily with the first-born princess in 2016.

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Actor Tae – tae and actress Eugene have never met in the 2009 drama 'Find Love'. After the movie ended, a pair of "love couples" began to emerge. The couple announced their marriage by 2012. Three years later, they greeted their first daughter happily. In April, Eugene conceived a second child and received many congratulations from her fans.

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Lee Chun-hee and Jeon Hye-jin met your set in 2009, Smile. The pairing of the movies made the two of them feel a pair of "true aliases" with each other. In March 2011, the couple celebrated their wedding at the Sheraton Hotel in Seoul with a large number of friends in the entertainment industry. The two men said the bride was pregnant for four months. The couple now live happily with their first 7-year-old daughter.

Twilight Couple of Korean Actress - 10

Lee Sang – woo and Kim Yeon – yeon will appear in 'Happy Home' in 2016 and feel their emotions and start dating. In June 1917, the couple opened a warm and personal wedding ceremony with the participation of their family and close friends. Currently, the couple plans to have children temporarily to pursue an acting career.

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Joo Sang-wook and Cha Yong-Ryong met for the first time in the 2016 film "Charming Temptation". After the film was over, the two had a date. The couple confirmed the date at the end of 2016 and received many blessings from the audience. On May 5, 1974, the couple married. Currently, the girl who lives happily with two people was born in last July.

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