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Vietnam phone is enough to win 4/8 strongest team in Asia.

Vietnam Tel is preparing to participate in a very important competition, World Cup Qualifiers 2022. Many people believe that the army of Park's coach has no exciting opportunity. Asia has only 4.5 percent of Qatar in winter 2022.

But according to the InStat index, Vietnam Tel will meet with eight Asian teams, including Iran, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China. Even the night coach's army has a chance to beat half of the opponent above.

According to the Instat index published by Vietnam Football, Vietnam Phone is equivalent to the big boy of Asian football at the InStat branch. Change opportunity to goal. We set our goals (%) and defend (%).

Coach Park can win many competitors including China (65%), Saudi Arabia (60%), UAE (50%), Qatar (45%) and Australia (40%). The draw of the Golden dragon is much higher than China (85%) or Saudi Arabia (80%).

According to the World Cup 2022 qualifying group league, Iraq, Syria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, and Jordan. At the same time, the only opponent that can give Park's teachers and students difficulties is the Group 1 team.

The tournament format of the WC 2022 rules takes the top eight teams and the top four teams in the final qualifier. If you are at the same table in China, Saudi Arabia and UAE, Park and his students will win the top of the group and create a history of their first qualifying campaign. World Cup.

In the 2022 World Cup qualifiers Seed Group:

Group 1: Iran, Japan, Korea, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China

Group 2: Iraq, Syria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, and Jordan.

Group 3: Palestine, India, Bahrain, Thailand, Tajikistan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan

Group 4: Turkmenistan, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Yemen, Afghanistan, Maldives, Kuwait, Malaysia

Group 5: Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Guam, Sri Lanka.

InStat is a well known software for statistics and analysis of soccer data. Based on a mathematical formula and team of more than 300 analysts, InStat offers thousands of player specifications to more than 800 clubs and national teams around the world.

The system paid $ 20,000 to the Vietnamese national team coach to provide player-specific data such as Wanking, Sprint, Long Pass, Movement Distance, and Length in VFF. It moves during training and competition.

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