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Vo Thanh Quan Vu's time decided to represent the Three Kingdoms – the world.

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Xich Bich's story of Cao Vu about Vu Vu is somewhat fictional in the Three Kingdoms, but I can not deny that there is a reason for Zhuge Liang to leave this mission to Guan Yu.

When Vo Thanh Quan Vu decided to confront the Three Kingdoms - 1

The Dictionary of Quan Vu saved the life of Cao Cao at Hoa Dung Street after the great battle of Xich Bich.

The battle of Xich Bich is described in detail in the novels of the Three Kingdoms. At the age of 43, Zhuge Liang went to Dong Ngo and convinced him until age 50 that Quan Vu had released Cao Cao from Hoa Dung Street to convince Ton Quyen to make Ton-Luu alliance. .

Many details of La Quan Trung's authorship included in the novel are quite different from historical records. From it, the story of Guan Yu murder at Cao Cao is one of the interesting details in the three Kingdom novels.

Historical documents are sent to Quan Vu at the order of Luuge to prevent Cao Wei from retreating from Hoa Dung Street. There is no explanation for the Quo Vu meeting on this street. Story Quan Vu meets Cao Cao to expand the thrilling part of La Quan Trung's embroidered content.

This story is believed to be true by the enthusiasm of Chinese lovers and Chinese history. Because this bill shows the true nature and character of Quan Vu.

One who ordered Quan Vu to block Cao Cao road is Khong Minh Gia Cat Luong. Many comments that Khong Minh certainly predicted Quan Vu's behavior because Kho Cao was later killed in favor of Thuc's family.


According to the Chinese website Qulishi, Zhuge Liang was later recognized as one of the first military owners of the Three Kingdoms era. Before the Red Cliff battle, the feat of Jegal was not so good.

Zhuge Liang helped Liu explain the "long book for books" to win the world. The Battle of Xich Bich is considered an opportunity for Gia Cat Luong to materialize this strategy.

There is a reason to commission Quuge Vu to shut down Cao Cao. Because formerly Guan Yu had worked under the orders of Cao Cao.

Quan Van Truong always wanted to return to Luu Be, but only when he founded a great company, Cao Cao helped him to win the lower world. Quan Vu can leave.

When Vo Thanh Quan Vu decided to confront the Three Kingdoms - 2

Image of Guan Yu Chinese TV series.

Zhuge Liang understood Quan Van Truong's meaning and could not pass Quan Vu to Cao Cao.

In the novels of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang told Zhao Yun: "Wait until the code of Cao Cao passes through half of the flames. Even if you do not chase it, you have to kill half."

"Seeing the smoke rising, we set fire to the mountains, Cao Cao can not hold Cao Cao, but the advantage of Duc Duc in this battle is not small" Khong Minh told Truong Phi.

Finally, Zhuge Liang proposed to Liu Bei that he had not seen Cao Cao kill. "It is good to get a little mistress and go to Van Truong."

Zhu Jiang – yang 's remarks partially reflect the attempt to defeat the Kao Cao army, not to kill Kao, Koolishi said.

The moment when Quan Vu decided to face the Three Kingdoms

According to Chinese historians, Cao Wei before and after the battle of Bich Bich still had the strongest power in China, followed by Sun Gong and Liu Bei of Jiang Dong.

According to Qulishi, if Guan Yu kills Cao Cao, the entire northern China unified by Cao Wei will be confused.

Then Sun Gong has the chance to beat Luul Be and formally calm the south, Qulishi said. In fact, in a great battle between Liu Bei and Sun Gong later on to avenge the death of Guu Yu, Liu Bei had to experience a fierce defeat.

Therefore, Zhugegal would have calculated that the Cao Cao would return to survive after helping the Three Kingdoms stabilize.

When Vo Thanh Quan Vu decided to head to the Three Kingdoms - 3

Cao Cao later led Guan Yu to return to serve under Liu Bei.

Commentators later agreed that after the battle with Xich Bich, Cao Cao did not have a team of crew capable of destroying two enemies in the south.

The result of the battle of Xich Bich was first seen in the footsteps of the Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms, Wei Shu-Dong Wu, and was regarded as a battle of great significance in Chinese history.

Liu Bei was suppressed by Dong Ngo in the north, thanks to the power of Cao Wei, claiming Liu Bei arrested Kinh Chau in the Three Kingdoms and "can share three people". .

Truong Chieu told Ton Quyen: "Cao Cao disliked Xich Bich's night, but Ton-Luu agreed, but did not dare enlist."

"Now if the master is temporarily angry with Luan Be, he will face the enemy, he will definitely attack, and the state will be in danger."

Quan Vu's mission to prevent Cao Cao's retreat is one of Zhuge Liang's original attempts.

That's when Quan Vu decided on "Tam Quoc Electric Department". Quan Van Truong was able to move in a completely different direction if we were to take decisive action on Chinese history in the Three Kingdoms period.


Horseback riding Quan Vu was a long battle with historians. But is the Chinchon horse real or not, and does this word still exist today? The next article will clarify this problem.

The actual victim, Quan Vu, defended Nhan Luong's head with six generals, Cao Cao,

Quan Vu of the Three Kingdoms is described as more than 10,000 people, each of which means that five strikes cut six generals …

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