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What did the minister say about the’retreat stage’ idea of ​​assessing environmental impacts?


What did the minister say about the retreat in the environmental impact assessment?  -Picture 1.

Secretary Tran Hong Ha-Photo:

On the exchange Youth online When asked for the minister’s position when there were concerns from some delegations, experts said the regulations on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reported in the recently passed legislation were “stepping back”.

* Minister, how will the EIA report be promoted when the Environmental Protection Act (revised) is passed?

-With immediate access to this law, it was very clear what information should be disclosed. And anyone’s responsibilities should be disclosed, always open. So, in the EIA report, this law puts the business accountable.

Then the state agency provides the standards and standards for project management needs. Therefore, at the beginning of a development project, while investing in the policy application stage from pre-feasibility preparation to the start of technical design, enterprises are required to prepare an EIA report.

And when people think we’ve followed our instructions they have to submit to local authorities or the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. They themselves have to post documents on the portal. Their electronic news. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), which received the document, conducts publicity for reference and consultation on the portal (Ministry-NV).

* What information is included in public content, Minister?

-The members of the council are also promoted and the evaluation results of the council are announced. If necessary, the EIA report, which is an issue that the Ministry of Education deems necessary to consult with experts and research institutions, is released.

These regulations and detailed regulations are set by the government. As for the liability provisions, it is already stated in this law.

* At the expert meeting on the 5-11th, the minister This measure requires agencies to evaluate reports. EIA Also reported publicly EIA It is evaluated and at the same time announces the decision to approve the report of the rating agency. teaBut now the passed law doesn’t have this. Why is that, Minister?

-The law tells who is open. And why your product (owner-NV) told me to reveal it. You are responsible for the copy. You said that the version is not the final version because you have finished promoting it.

Now, when reporting those reports to the state, the companies that give them the responsibility of the company should be held accountable for that disclosure. State is cHe declared an evaluation committee and the evaluation results included the EIA. That’s the state’s job and the state doesn’t work on behalf of businesses. Those who act must be held accountable before the law.

* So, if all companies are assigned to disclose their EIA reports, what solutions should the minister bring to the government to avoid the situation where investors are chasing profits in order to cover up important information in public consultations with experts? , citizen?

-The law states that responsible companies must fully comply with the provisions of the law. It is the corporate responsibility to report.

It is the business’s responsibility to follow the guidelines of the law to identify impacts and consider solutions. And in order for businesses to profit, they need to publish reports for advice. That’s what the business should do.

How can businesses hide it? State agencies publish full results. Even after the evaluation of the report is completed, the opinions are communicated and the impact on society is this, the problem is this, and the solution is this. We agree to all such measures. DWhen you go to society to know everything, nothing is upside down.

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