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What does the securities company say about the breakthrough of the spring market in Hoi Hoi?


The domestic stock market began trading after a long holiday and a happy spring opening ceremony. Green throughout the session and the VN index rose 17 points to 926.1 points. When we looked at the 345 gain, the market was very good and the number of losers was 153. The session on February 11 was also the first day of operating the new VN30 index, and this index increased by 25 shares but decreased by 3 shares.

In the first session of the New Year, the matching value reached $ 230 billion (VND), equivalent to the previous session of the ETF by the end of the year. Regarding foreign trade, although it was not active on the first day of the new year, it still posted net buying of 4 billion yuan and was a positive signal.

With positive moves in the first session of the New Year, many brokerage firms have shared the view that the market will thrive in the next period.

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The Vn index increased significantly in the first session of the New Year.

An agreed increase in many areas will stimulate cash flow participation

VNIR announced that the VN index officially exceeded 920 points, creating new expectations that cash flow could boldly participate in the market. Although liquidity has not actually improved, in many areas, as indices rise and consensus grows, participation in cash flow will be accelerated.

While the upward momentum of the indicators is still favorable when VNDIRECT is in line with marginal and major recovery in emerging markets, negative factors such as the dollar, interest rate and trade war have temporarily settled.

However, VNDIRECT is still considered a short-term recovery wave. The current rational strategy is to hold stocks purchased to increase profits and avoid pursuing positions with the excitement of the index.

Investors are optimistic and expect market uptrend.

In the same view, Bao Viet Securities (BVSC) determined that investors were very optimistic and expected a market uptrend after a long vacation.

The long green candlestick pattern with a price gap (GAP) gap formed on February 11 may indicate a continued positive direction in the next session this week.

After passing the SMA50, BVSC recorded about 916 points, and I think the price range is likely to approach the next resistance area of ​​the SMA100. This corresponds to 933-938 points. The price line was derived from the long-term sideways price channel in a few weeks before Tet could show a new volatility trend in the direction of getting the market in the short term.

The uptrend in the market is expected to be led by bankers and some Bluechips, such as HPG, FPT, REE, VJC … Moreover, cash flow may be interested in oil stocks. , Seafood, construction and some real estate stocks. BVSC evaluates the resistance of the Vn-index at 933-938 points and 950-960 points.

Watch out for liquidity factors and be careful not to chase them.

There was also a positive view of the market, but the stock market said the market's uptrend will be held in 1-2 more sessions before it faces fluctuations due to selling pressure in its last session this week. If liquidity needs to be observed in the next session and the liquidity platform remains above the 20-day average, the market momentum is expected to continue with the next strong resistance. Approximately 955 points corresponding to the MA200 line; On the other hand, weak liquidity will be an anxious signal.

SHS predicted that the excitement of investors in the next trading session on February 12 could continue to rise to the nearest target, the Vn-index, at 930 points. Investors who buy when the VN index exceeds 920 points in the 11/2 session should not buy the Chase and the market can buy more if they successfully retest 920 points.

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