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What is the regular roadmap for the Commune Police Consultation?


What is the regular roadmap for the Commune Police Consultation? - One

Promote the police force (work).

The police force of the anti – community police is not strong enough at present.

According to the report of the Public Security Department, Article 17 of the Public Security Act of 2018 stipulates that the police belong to the organization structure of the people's police. Governments should designate public offices in communes and townships.

In addition, the security and order situation in rural areas has potential problems, especially disputes related to disputes and land. The activities of drug offenses, the evolution of criminals, and the types of crimes such as trafficking, mass drug transport, rape, child pornography and property theft tend to increase; A crime that is convicted and uses weapons and explosives against public service executives, ignoring violent and dangerous laws in many areas.

Prevention from the base affects political stability, social order and safety, if not actively preventing and fighting quickly. On the other hand, the police force of the anti-community authorities is strong enough now, but the quality is weak and the quantity is insufficient.

Through a six-year review of formal police deployments, complex security and command over major communities, the local police officers include 693 police chiefs, 367 police deputies, and 230 Cong commune police officers.

The regular police officers in charge of the Commune Police performed their duties and duties well. Understand the situation and resolve conflicts, disputes, security and order events in the grassroots, seek advice and provide sympathy for the services provided by the party committee and government.

"Security and ordering has changed drastically through the pilot implementation of regular police deployments to serve as commuter police officers in the Kum Tum region, and the number of security incidents and orders have declined compared to the same period in 2018 If not, it is approved and supported by committees, local authorities and the public, "- cited the Public Security Department.

What is the regular roadmap for the Commune Police Consultation? - 2

The Ministry of Public Security establishes an official plan for national police forces across the country (works).

Roadmap for the deployment of regular communal police

The Ministry of Public Security has confirmed that there is a fear that legislation will require the construction of settlement and military police to meet the requirements for security and order at the current level.

According to the draft ordinance, the general commune police is a grass – roots police under the organizational system of the People 's Police. It plays a key role in the movement of the whole population to protect national security. Fighting and fighting directly with crime and violating the security and order of grassroots areas.

Regarding the road map for the deployment of general collective police, draft proposal: the local police officer of the provincial police chief and the local police chief of the community (civil servant level civil servants) who do not have a police chief decision.

For critical and complex communities in terms of security and order: The district-level police chief advises the chairperson of the People's Committee to the same level of staffing committee chairs as the planning and coordination of other tasks for the chief police officer and deputy chief. Communicate with police officers and police officers (part-time units) to mobilize and deploy regular police to assume the post of the Commune Police Department. Completed prior to December 31, 2020.

For critical and uncomplicated communities in terms of security and order: Depending on the security situation and the local order, the head of the central government or the city's public security director may be the chairperson of the district People's Committee, the police chief, the police chief and the police I have plans, plans, and policies for other things. ordinators at the level of comme or do not transfer their jobs, so that the general police officer may assume the post of the Commune Police. This was completed before December 31, 2021.

In addition, the Commune Police Officer often states that a police officer can not arrange and coordinate other tasks and police officers in towns, villages, towns, small towns, small towns, small towns, and private units. Similar residents of communes and townships (non-professionals) continue to carry out their mission of protecting the security, social order and safety while enjoying the policies and systems of the Social Security Director. According to the enforcement guidance document until there is a commune police ordinance and other legal documents.

There is headquarters or a separate workplace.

According to the draft, the Commune Police operates its own office or workplace that is suited to the socioeconomic conditions of each region. The Commune Police has facilities with the facilities required to perform its duties under the law.

The Secretary of Defense establishes standards and norms for establishing a means of working for the general community police. The state guarantees funding and facilities for activities, training, retraining, training, regime fulfillment, policy and other necessary conditions for regular commu- nity police.


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