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When Vietnamese football has inherited your "heritage" from Park-Football 24h

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 00:15 (GMT + 7)

After the success of Park and Vietnam football, he succeeded his successor "National Legacy" under construction for the national team and U23.

In 1995, when Vietnamese football became the first foreign teacher, Alfred Lielse went through three foreign coaches, Edson Tavares twice, and Calisso twice. The rest of the clergy only stay for less than a year or end the two-year contract.

It is worth noting that all the foreign teachers with different soccer backgrounds who come to work in Vietnam can bring different football philosophies so that the Vietnam national team and U23 can be made every moment. Build another gameplay.

Under the leadership of Carlista, we have successfully completed the AFF Cup 2008 Championship with the Latin School. The Vietnamese have narrowed their stature by kicking the ball short. However, coach Miura coached a long ball and created a ball based on a more natural, fit and bodybuilding player. This removed the technical play, which is the strength of the Vietnamese players.

Vietnam Football is Master Park's

Coach Park has two big goals with the Vietnam Post in 2019. Photo: MH

At that time, we were young, but the key U19 player in Vietnam was a short ball, a HAGL army with a one-touch adjustment and technical play, but the U23 recruitment on the team could not keep up with the wrong game style. Therefore, the HAGL army has time to call nine players, but the number selected is only 4-5 players, and the main number of stones is only 1-2.

Shortly after the Vietnam coach's take-over, Park said, "I aim to aim for a short ball." The basic theory is control play, short and fast passing, emphasizing the first touch to create a strong team in Southeast Asia, According to the information I have found, I have found that the team can apply the theory I want.

In fact, he has been working in Vietnam for more than a year and has succeeded in making games for both U23 and national teams. This is aimed at Vietnam football so successors can develop their "heritage". To do this, both the young and the V. league teams must produce the game.

Park coach said to V.League: "First, most of the strikers in this tournament include foreign players, so most Vietnamese players can not play in the tournament, including Ha Duc Chinh in his club. The football style of the players is really different from the Vietnamese. They often have long balls with better physical conditions, which is completely different from the Vietnamese player's short play style.

I personally think that to be more successful in international tournaments and to strengthen the competitiveness of Vietnamese football in the world, we have to evaluate the quota of international players a second time. ".

"U18 players are still in training to prepare for regional and continental tournaments," said Hoang Anh Tuan, who recently won the U18 Vietnam Calling Award, so I and my coach staff will give you various tactics, But the game style of U23 and Vietnam is still mainstream and the coaching team will rely on the play to lead them.

We know that two big teams are succeeding with a combination of technical play and quick ball placement. This strategy is reasonable, and U18 Vietnam will follow this path. From that time on, I hope that the players are well prepared and will be able to play the U23 game with the Vietnam national team later on. "

This young player is considered a necessary inheritance when he becomes a major additional source of U23 and the national team in the future. You can successfully establish the philosophy of the whole football background by watching the lessons of Thailand. So despite the team level coach replacement, Thai football still succeeds. They have won the AFF Cup and SEA Games for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2016. It is an impressive achievement built into the resources of a whole football background.

When asked about his coaching philosophy, Park said in an interview on the AFC website, "I was mentally victorious." I always instruct the players to win as many games as possible. I hope everyone understands and hopes to pass on to the next generation.

VFF "marathon" and coach Park, Hang-won, hosted the 2022 World Cup

LDBDVN (VFF) and coach Park Hanse are racing to prepare for the national team in the World Cup qualifier.

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