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Women officials who blame illegal relationships and "steal" money are sentenced to prison.

Ca Mau City People's Court (Ca Mau) sentenced Tran Thi Phuong Mai (41), a director of the Seafood Division of Ca Mau City, to three years on April 17. Detention on charges of "slander".

A female director is sentenced to jail if he blames an illegal relationship and shuffle money - Photo 1.

Defendant Tran Thi Phuong Mai

Previously, Defendant Mai sent many petitions to blame local officials for making irrational relationships with misleading regulations. However, through investigations and verification procedures, the authorities determine that Mai's claims are indictable, not factual.

According to the case file, Mai accused him of hiring 9th District. Ca Mau City was recovered to build and trade coffee shops in the state.

At this point the authorities repeatedly lobbed the defendant but failed. Since Maima was built illegally, 8-2018, the Karma City authorities organized a coercion of work.

After that, defendant Mai has four bags and a robust working group, including 15 billion dollars. The blamed functional team went into an investigation for confirmation and concluded that Mai's accused petition was not true.

Because of the disagreement over the investigation results of the authorities, the defendant continues to inform the central agency of the disposition. Accordingly, defendant Mai changed the prohibition of losing two bags of 6 billion won without losing 4 bags containing 15 billion vanes.

Prior to 2011, defendant Mai was sentenced to two years in prison for violating graves and remains.

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