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You are happy in America, Saigon mother thought to go to find 43 years regret


Over the age of 43, Nguyen Thi Dep (SN 1949, HCMC) is not tired of traveling to find Vietnamese-American children.

At her home, Mrs. Nis remained silent, referring to the child she was looking for. Hiding in the eyes of a woman for nearly 70 years is both sorrow and pain. "Where are you now?" She asked desperately.

Dep., 1968, she worked as a secretary for US military bases in Long Binh, Dong Nai. Thanks to her fluent English ability, she later transferred to the operator.

Nice to work as an operator. Photo: NVCC

Nice to work as an operator. Photo: NVCC

While working there, she met Joe (SN 1945), an American service member. According to Mr. Nice, Joe is an emotional person who takes care of himself regularly.

Many times, they find love and love. I had a beautiful joy when I learned that I had conceived Joe's child because of her passionate affection for three years. At this point, however, Joe had to return to the US due to service expiration.

Far half of the world does not know when to meet again. I always have a nostalgia for this beautiful foreigner. However, after more than a year of communication, they did not hear from each other. On January 5, 1972, she gave birth to a daughter named Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai.

At the end of the war, the United States launched the Babylift Campaign (Vietnam Child Welfare Campaign for the US and some European Countries). My friends said if you love me, you can let me go and find each other. She also decided that she would not see her, but she thought she would live a happy life. So Dep is the procedure for babies going to America.

Before leaving for a few days, the babies gathered in the nursery. Finally, she visited the children. That day she played with the children. When she came back, her son asked. "Why did you bring me here?" Mother 's heart seems to be cramped. Beautiful teeth are bitten firmly in front of children to avoid crying.

Daughter and beautiful pictures on the last trip. Photo: NVCC

Daughter and beautiful pictures on the last trip. Photo: NVCC

When she left, she left a birth certificate and a photo. She wanted the souvenir to be a link between mother and child.

Then, she lied to the toilet and left quietly, so I do not know. But from a distance, she heard me crying and weeping. "Mom! Mom! Do not leave me."

Mrs. Nis said she was torn like her heart. Since she could not stand the tears, she was crying all the way home from birth.

After asking a friend, she learned that her son boarded the final flight of the Babylift campaign on April 26, 1975. But no one knows the flight to bring Mai to that country. The children on that plane went where.

Meanwhile, Mai is 3 years old. But her image is deeply engraved in her memory. At that time, she had brown eyes, white skin, and bright hair.

Know that she sent a beautiful woman, Nguyen Van De (SN 1916), to her. "I have a mother who has a child," he said, making her more painful.

"I cried every night for a few days, I regret and I do not know where my son took me."

"Where are you now? Are you okay?" I've been in this woman for over 43 years. If you have heard any information about finding a baby, she will dive and hope for a small ray of hope for her daughter. But everything is in despair.

Painful to find her children for 43 years beautiful. Photo: Hoang Thuan

Painful to find her children for 43 years beautiful. Photo: Hoang Thuan

Sputtering hands, beautiful tears with the picture of her child. "My only wish is to know how my child is now, and now I am not sure how long I will live because of my age, so I want to meet you once."

Babylift is a campaign to evacuate thousands of children from Saigon to the United States and some European countries in 1975 from April 2 to 26. Approximately 3,300 infants and children have been evacuated and adopted from many homes around the world.


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