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& # 39; Veronica Mars & # 39; season 2 repeat stars You will definitely admit it.

OK marshmallows, listen up. By this point, you should at least be in the middle of yours. Veronica Mars See you again at Hulu. On July 27, 2019, the streaming service will start in the fourth season and we are about to start immediately. If you're still cruising, or if you're new to all the episodes, check out the repeat guest stars that appear in Season 2.

Charisma Carpenter (Episode 10)

Charismatic Carpenter Composite
Charismatic carpenter | Katie Collins / PA via Getty Images, Kendall to Casablanca Veronica Mars | UPN / CW

Among the names of the actress, the actress Charisma Carpenter is perhaps the least known. But, Buffy the Vampire Slayer And spin-off series, AngelHe knows actress well. She portrayed her character, Cordelia Chase. Cordelia Chase is a futile cheerleader who has changed in many ways since moving to Los Angeles and becoming part of the Angel Investigations team.

A carpenter channel Cordelia may not have gained strength in her role as Kendall Casablancas. Kendall is a young, gold-digging stepmother of Dick and Beaver sleeping with Logan. But after the "Big Dick" incident, Casablanca takes off after the scandal and finds a new sugar dad. bonus Buffy Fans: Cordelia and Willow (Alyson Hannigan) revive old memories in an insulting battle at Episode 9 "My Mother, the Fend".

Krysten Ritter (episode and movie)

Krysten Ritter Composite
Krysten Ritter | Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic, Gia Goodman Veronica Mars | UPN / CW

Actress Krysten Ritter has been through her career. Jane's fateful girlfriend, Jane, will know her best. trot, Or as a social chloe in a short series maybe Do not believe B– in apartment 23.. If you are a fan of the Marvel-Netflix universe, you probably know her most unique role. Jessica Jones.

Prior to her role, Ritter performed for the first time in a teen drama depicting Gia Goodman. Veronica Mars. Gia is the daughter of Woody Goodman, the school's new girl, mayor, and baseball team owner. Ritter plays a role and acts aggressively. Gilmour women Character, Lucy), opposite Marble character. She did not return in season 3, but Gia played an important role in the crowd. Veronica Mars The movie, released in 2014.

Steve Guttenberg (Episode 8)

Steve Gutenberg Composites
Steve Gutenberg | Rommel De Mano / Getty Images, Woody Goodman Veronica Mars | UPN / CW

Here is a name you can not forget. Steve Guttenberg, a movie star in the '80s and' 90s. Three men and a baby, Police academy Franchise, Olsen-Twins Classic It takes two things., He was not exactly hurt for the concert when he had this. Before recurring Veronica Mars, He has done more than episodes of any series since the 80s.

But this role gave Gutenberg an opportunity he had not had before. Woody Goodman happens to meet the most kind and humble person in Neptune. We will not give anything, but obviously, Veronica Mars The series maker Rob Thomas was someone who later enjoyed working with Guttenberg. Because the actor later portrayed himself in an episode of Thomas's short story series. Party down.

Tessa Thompson (12 times)

Tessa Thomson Composites
Tessa Thompson | Jim Spellman / Getty Images, Jackie Cook in Veronica Mars | UPN / CW

Until a few years ago, Tessa Thompson was not a name that many people knew. Apart from the role of the less popular series 666 Park Avenue and Selma, And looks like a movie Dear White and creed, She still could not find her big break. That is, until creed. Shortly thereafter, she appeared in major films. Tor: Ragnarok, We apologize for the inconvenience., And Men Black: International And she starred in the hit HBO series West World.

But before becoming a friend of Brie Larson, one of Thompson's first performances was Jackie Cook. Veronica Mars. She had more than half of the episodes of the season, but was technically billed as part of the main cast. Jackie is interested in the love of Veronica's best friend, Wallace. When a famous baseball player becomes part of the mystery of the early part of the season, there is a problem at home.

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