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Apple goes back to the movie 'Shot on iPhone' to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 07:27 pm Pacific Time (10:27 ET)

Short film to celebrate Chinese New Year <버킷> Within two weeks of releasing director Jia Zhangke, Apple posted a video of the production of "Shot on iPhone" on Tuesday.


Director Jia Zhangke used iPhone XS to capture footage of "Bucket".

The short video posted on Apple's YouTube channel runs in about 45 seconds and shows that Zhangke uses Smart HDR to create "The Bucket."

"As a supervisor, you need to capture as much detail as possible while dealing with different shooting conditions." "Smart HDR adds texture to my photos and brings memories of my life, and that's how people move their minds."

Smart HDR, along with the iPhone XS and XR, has been introduced as an advanced photo processing tool that enables clearer and more detailed reproduction in a wider range of scenarios than the previous iPhone models.

Powered by faster image sensors, enhanced image signal processing and the A12 Bionic system-on-chip, Smart HDR captures a variety of frames with varying exposures and then merges the best shots into a single image. The result is a wide dynamic range that maintains detail in both bright highlights and dark shadows.

"The Bucket" debuts in January and uses footage from the iPhone XS to tell the story of a son who carries valuable cargo from his mother while riding a bicycle, a ferry, and a bus, moving from his home countryside to a city apartment . Capture and rating movie footage ranging from gorgeous landscapes to busy scenes full of diverse accessories will be difficult for a professional camera system and editing suite, not to mention a smartphone.

The behind-the-scenes story of today joined two similar segments that aired last month when Apple released the movie. This video details the slow motion and depth control features of the iPhone XS.

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