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Apple News + desperate departure, press coverage

Apple News + has not been in a month yet, and some publishers are already frustrated with it. New report from Dishi It explains in detail how some publishers are experiencing headaches such as formatting and communication with Apple.

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In its first announcement to the publisher, Apple has promised to provide design resources and article templates. According to today's report, citing communication with five publishers, Apple's promise turned out to be "half-truth." Apple says it is outsourcing its template design to a third-party vendor.

Apple actually refrains from providing articles and content templates to publishers. We have worked directly with publishers who have decided to create their own templates for Apple News +, but the issue of article templates outsourced to multiple vendors. Each vendor left what they wanted.

Some publishers are frustrated with how Apple is communicating with publishers. The company has provided email addresses to all publishers to pitch, but larger publishers have been invited to the private Slack channel so they can communicate more directly with Apple.

However, a small group of publishers was invited to join the private Slack channel, which was able to connect more directly with Apple. It was a movement that drove many sources when they knew the existence of the channel. "They are basically playing favorites," the first source said. "It's always good for big people, but not for others."

To create Apple News + content, many publishers rely on a tool to scan PDFs and convert them to digital format. The problem with this process, however, is that the tool is buggy and everything needs to be re-edited. "This technology is buggy enough to effectively clone and design edit each issue so that the design, format and spacing are in one piece." The report says, citing multiple sources.

Then, by simply uploading the scanned PDF, the publisher must decide whether Apple News + readers are worthy of manually formatting their content.

Small magazine publishers who do not have the resources to design their own templates should consider adverse choices. You have to invest in precious design and development personnel to create beautiful things without knowing whether there are potential customers to appreciate. Existing templates allow you to view your content the same way as dozens of other publishers. We hope you will not have to wait for the PDF and give your readers another user experience.

Ultimately, the report says the initial issue that plagues Apple News + is "We can not expect a long-term future without Apple's approach."

Whether these issues will be sufficient to affect Apple News + in the long term is not yet clear. However, if format headaches continue, Apple News + is likely to be a collection of scanned PDFs. This is $ 9.99 a month, and sales are fierce.

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