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Boston Investment Company offers Saddleback Mountain acquisition

SANDY RIVER, Maine – The Boston Investment Group has decided to buy the Saddleback, a closed ski mountain, for four years.

The organization's Arctaris Impact Fund provides capital to profitable, growth-oriented businesses in vulnerable areas throughout the United States and focuses on central cities and rural areas.

Saddleback's condo owners have provided NEWS CENTER Maine through the e-mail chain between condo owners, including some of the thorough Arctaris offer from the founder of Jonathan Tower.

Arctaris is planning to invest between $ 25 million and $ 30 million, including $ 35 million in charitable activities over the medium term.

The purchase price was not disclosed.

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"Arctaris is the only way to lead this kind of bold initiative that will help stabilize the Rangeley community by regaining local business, jobs and property value.

We look forward to working directly with the Berry family to find a pleasant way to resume Saddleback Mountain, "said Tom Federle and Andy Shepard, one of the condo owners, in a statement by Tower: .

"Arctaris is committed to working with the Berry family to resume Saddleback Mountain as soon as possible and to complete a sales transaction that will restore the important economic engine of the larger Rangeley community and respect the long legacy of the Berry family. Resuming mountains with ample capital will support the health of many Rangeley businesses, properties, tourism and the entire community. Continuing inactivity in the mountains is the greatest danger of the Rangeley community and affects all businesses The owner of the property reads, "The statement of the tower reads.

The statement explained some details of this proposal.

Arctaris "far surpasses what we understand as Berry's total debt to property." Arctaris does not need to raise capital for this transaction. We will use our own capital as purchasing funds. This fund will not require new market tax credits as a condition for finishing in the mountains.

Arctaris will use community donations to purchase new chair lifts and T bars in accordance with the e-mail chain's statement.

A fund expects to take 120 days to close the proposal, but the statement does not represent the actual due date or the proposed date.

The tower was not asked for comment.

The news center Maine has shared with Faith Berry and has not received an answer.

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