Friday , August 12 2022

Chitubu: Journalists threaten to bring death


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Sunday mail leisure A senior reporter, Prince Mushawevato, submitted police reports with death threats, social media attacks, and shame with angry Jah Prayzah supporters.

The report was raised at the Braeside Police Station after Jah Prayzah accused Musharevato of unfairly targeting his work, following an aggression against the scribe according to social media status.

In response to Mushawevato's usual album reviews, Jah Prayzah gave his opinion on the recently released "Chitubu" album.

"Even after putting all the sweat (sic) and sleepless nights for most of the products you said you love too much, some journalists who feel I owe him some of my fruit are still worth releasing I hope to influence the world over the likes of the same project and my album, "I read Jah Prayzah's response to criticism as he thrilled his" Cyber ​​Army ".

Twice on Sunday, Mushawevato was forced to avoid physical violence from prominent Jah Prayzah supporters.

The first case occurred at the Braeside shopping center.

"At first I thought it was not guilty, but what they later told me was terrifying." To quote one of the celebrations, he said,Eh, I hope wakanyora because Todakukusotasaizu inokwana chaiyo. Ungatuke Jah iwe"(We hope to have the final will because we will deal with you, who insults Jah?)," Mushawevato wrote.

They drove before the stunned Mushawevato could recover and record the vehicle registration number.

Then abuse was poured into Twitter and Facebook accounts. It was not over.

Later, when Mushawevato was attending a routine weekend arts event around Harare, he met a violent group and rescued the guards as they attempted to assault.

"Isu taingoti pamwe majokes nekuti prince anowanzouya pano. Izvo vapfanha ava vaizviti team JP vaida kumudya. Takatozopindira zvaipa (We seem to be joking because the prince is here regularly, the boys called JP team actually wanted to hurt him I had to intervene). "

Mushawevato said that Jah Prayzah did not understand how to make such a claim to his fans.

"If you search the articles online now or go to the library, you will find that more than 90% of the articles written in Jah Prayzah are about improving and celebrating his career, but he is not his own gorgeous personal life, I choose to pick it out. It is incredible.

"so Sunday Post Reporters and journalists In general, we are supposed to sing just Jah Prayzah praise? This shows that this guy is obsessed with bootlickers. Last week, Mushawevato saw that less than 10 percent of his self-respecting articles became violent enough to jeopardize my life and career.

The album review, published last Sunday, did not attack the singer personally in any way, but appeared in his work.

"My relationship with Jah Prayzah was always an expert, I did not want to be friends with him or his team, I never asked for any favors, why he was a journalist who felt he owed me a piece of my fruit I'm curious, the ginger tree is a fruit tree. I do not need any other fruit, so I wonder where it came from. "

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