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Daniel is not real Review: SXSW – Variety

A friend of "imaginary" childhood comes back from this inventive spiritual horror thriller with malicious intent.

"Daniel Is not Real" brings a little change. Brian DeLeeuw's novel "I am saved on this road" is the director's powerful second feature film Adam Egypt Mortimer focuses on the unfortunate young people of his "imaginary friend" of childhood returning to active duty and ends the helping hand, which ends in beneficial and destructive at first. Spectrevision's sophisticated psychological horror thriller has enough distortion and finesse to draw a genuine interest beyond the genre, giving a positive outlook on various types of exposure.

Luke (played by Griffin Robert Faulkner at first) has to undergo a lot of stress for his 8 year old child. My parents broke up and my mother, Mary Stuart Masterson, was unstable and started to put it lightly. Someday to leave the house and avoid another marriage dispute, he appears to be in the aftermath of something more shocking, seemingly random, mass shots.

Luke has been frozen on the spot when he sees the body of a police officer suffering an onslaught of police officer Nathan Reid. He showed a positive development that Luke did not much appreciate when he realized that someone could not see or hear his new "friend." However, Daniel has shown to have independent will and malicious thoughts. When a joke on Luke results in serious consequences, Mom insists that "Daniel" should be confined to her old doll house. She hopes to reduce her son 's excessive imagination.

Ten years later, Luke (Miles Robbins) is a socially awkward college student who is not under his mother's roof. However, schizophrenia is more prominent when you move into a dormitory. Fearing that mental illness may be his destiny, he sees a school counselor (Chukwudi Iwuji) who advises him face-to-face with his childhood pain. This leads Luke to open the doll house. Daniel is waiting on all other dimensions. The returned "friends" are now fully grown (Patrick Schwarzenegger), and a sultry expression like "American Psycho".

Once again, at first, Daniel helped Luke out, getting better grades, and even reaching out to girls. Notable artist Cassie (Sasha Lane of "American Honey") and fellow student Sophie (Hannah Marks). But Daniel's meat is only an exaggeration of Luke's own, but he is more wicked and violent in his divorce from his "host's" desire. As he becomes increasingly panic, Luke begins to fear that Daniel can be a malicious external force, not a psychological goblin. He died at the age of eight and tried to kill a bunch of strangers in the coffee shop by driving a scammer.

While Luke is now suffering from illness, manipulation, and bipolar disorder, "Daniel Is not Real" has a hallucination effect before the evacuation attempt by the school counselor has brought disastrous results. The final reel of the movie is a "Hellraiser" type of fantasy and body horror, leaping up and steeping without having to go to the top to maintain suspense.

Schwarzenegger is impressive to emphasize Daniel's impatience, weakness, jealousy and other seemingly modest flaws. So we can not get a glimpse of the whole range of his monsters. He dominates Robbins' manual hero until Rubin is fully possessed. The actor delivers that bizarre malignant tumor to himself. The support performance is solid. Especially Masterson is a woman who deals with very supernatural psychosis. While someone accuses Daniel "Not Real" of abusing the actual mental state for the purpose of assertive fiction, the serious way the film portrays Claire's alleviation of the allegations.

DP Lyle Vincent ("Thoroughbreds") and Kaet McAnneny's character – boasting the highest perfection in every department, especially in vivid and original contributions to photos often saturated in public production designs.

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