Saturday , June 3 2023

F3 crash, Sophia Floersch: 'Mistake' by race organisers may have caused crash


Sophia Floersch, 17, will undergo surgery after the spectacular airborne crash in the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix on Sunday.

Video footage showed Floorsch appearing to clip Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi's car is flying off the track at high speed on a tight right-hand bend on lap four. Floersch's car is a fence, a structure on the perimeter and dropped on the ground with safety officials immediately on the scene. The incident prompted an immediate red flag and a delay of more than an hour before the race was restarted.

Terrifying F3 crash in Macau

Terrifying F3 crash in Macau


Fellow driver Guan Yu Zhou was driving behind Floersch and said the yellow warning lights were visible before the crash, which he claimed was a "mistake" that may have caused Floersch to brake early.

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